Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jake MTC Day October 13 ,2010

Jakes last coke before going into the MTC.

It was a long anticipated wait but he finally made it to the MTC. We left Lacey's house in Lehi about 12:30 p.m. and it all went quite quickly except for the BYU volleyball players jogging by Cougar Stadium.  We were met with the sidewalks lined with missionaries and they had his luggage out of the back of the truck before even got out! He hugged Jason, me, Rob and then Terrin and he was gone!  It was like dropping him off at the airport!  It took less than one minute!
We received his first email the next Friday and he absolutely loves it!!  His companion is Elder White from Orem Utah who is an athlete and he has made many new friends.  Jake and Elder Price who is a weight lifter, work out every other day and Jake has worked up to 100 push up every morning!  Another missonary in his district, Elder Smith, learned that the day after he went into the MTC his mother had passed away! and he decided to stay on his misson.  It has had a big impact on Jake.  He said that it brought a very special spirit into their district!
He has heard from Elder Scott, Elder Neilsen, Elder Bednar, a "70" and Sheri Dew!  He knew that I would be jealous and told her how much I liked her!!  He said that there are many missionaries who never get to hear from a general authority their whole MTC stay!

Jake is suppose to leave for Mexico December 14, 2010 and has asked that we pray for him to get his visa soon.  If he doesn't get it we will not get our phone call at Christmas because he may still be in the MTC.  They have been sending some missonaies out into the United States until they get their visa.  When Jake first got there they received about 6 inches of snow and he didn't have a coat and wrote to send him one right away. We didn't think he would need one in Mexico but now if doesn't go right away it will be a good thing he has one!!
He is working real hard on the Spanish and it is coming along real well. He speaks Spanish all day - everyday except his p-days now!  There really is something about the gift of tongues!  His letters are quite interesting now a little English, a little Spanish, a few miss spelled words and little txt lingo!!  Sometimes I need a little help with the txt part, the Spanish is easier to understand!!

He loves hearing from everyone especially hand written letters and letters from dear His address is:
Elder Jake Johnston
MTC mailbox #113
MEX-VLH 1213
2005 N 900 E
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

In all of Jake's letters and emails all he can talk about is how real and strong the spirit is and how his testimony has grown so much.  He is learning to recognize truth and loves the work.  He loves the gospel, He loves his Father in Heaven and he loves Jesus Christ.  He is learning a whole new appreciation for family and thankful for the knowledge of eternal families!

I am new at this computor thing and new at blogging so I hope this will be a cool way of keeping everyone posted on Jakes accomplishements and trials without me having a nervous breakdown first!!
I am sure I will get better at it!!

Hope to post again soon!!
clutch 22 mom