Friday, February 3, 2012


January 9, 2012

     Well, I will start out with I sent Andy an email and he hasn’t written me back. Tell him to check it.  I received Terrin’s package and two letters from the Johnston’s  but I don’t know who they are from yet because  I haven’t even had time to look at them.  I am running as fast as I can now days.  This week was amazing!!!  Like when the prophet feels the spirit so much they almost faint and pass out or something.  I feel like I have been spiritually drained this week and I just want to pass out but  somehow the Lord is giving me the strength to move on.
     Well, my comps in his second week in the mission and we worked our butts off.  He is like dieing for real because I have been doing everything to the best of my ability, even walking as fast as I can because we don’t have enough time to do it all!!!!
     We baptized 4 people this week.  A family of three kids, Daisy, Juri, and Martin, and a woman named Ima.  It was an amazing experience.  The baptismal service was great but before hand the devil was working so hard….
     The day of the baptism we weren’t going to go by the families house but I had the impression to go…  I arrived and found two Jehovah Witnesses teaching our baptisms…WHATTTTTTT!!!! I about freaked out and pooped my pants…      
      I walked up, though, with the authority of God that he has given me and which I can’t even describe, and when my comp and I walked in you could feel the power.  I asked Daisy if we could sit down and the family sprinted for chairs…I sat my chair down right in front of the unwanted guests and my comp was freaking out.  I was so mad but I looked them straight in the eyes and they felt it… I said some words… to them… haha and they said I think we should leave,  I was like Thank You!!!  Your church is of the devil… ok I didn’t say that.  Afterwards the family thought I was mad at them but all I wanted was for them to be happy and they know I love them so much.  I took them inside and bore my testimony and I cried and my comp did; and the family did and they were like I’M GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!  Sick…..
     Now all this was Saturday and then we were too late for food so I said forget the food we have too much to do.  We went to another appointment that I had set up with a Seventh Day Adventist or Baptist Preacher or Pope or whatever they call them.  Pastor I think.  When we walked in he was like whatever, and said we will pray however we want and got all mad.  We didn’t even open one book we just started testifying!!!!!  My comp cried and I almost did….the room filled with silence and at the end he was like I will pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Even his wife could feel the spirit.  Sick!!!!!!  Now we were really pumped!
     We then set up for one of my converts to baptize someone (my comps first) the Branch President one (because he as well is a recent convert) and I would baptize one.  I had to teach them how to do it because I was the only one there who knew how.   Anyway, we had eight in white on Saturday and eight confirmed on Sunday
    Today is Monday - Pday We went to Cascadas Azul!!!  It was so sweet!!!! I don’t have time to go into detail on all that happened  (wow that feels like Nephi when he says I don’t write all the words of my father).  haha I’m not Nephi but I thought that was funny   hahaha  I just have no time and the mission is flying.
     I love you so much and I will send you some pics.
Elder Johnston

January 2, 2012

     I have a new comp, named Elder Zepeda.  He is from Sinaloa Mexico and it’s his first week as a missionary, and I am training him!!!!  It’s way cool but kind of hard to teach him how to teach the people.  He is picking it up real fast though.
     We are going to have four people baptized this Saturday!!  My comps first baptisms!!!  It will be so cool!!!
     It is amazing what the spirit and gospel can do to someone’s life.   What I have learned is; I feel like LDS members keep what we have a secret and don’t say anything about the gospel.  Don’t be shy tell it like it is but remember the spirit is what converts.
     I love you all so much and I am so proud of all of you!!!
Love Elder Johnston