Thursday, October 18, 2012


October 15, 2012

Jake is Home...
He arrived at the Reno airport at 3:18 PM which was 8 minutes early and amazing considering that he had three different flights. He had not slept for over 48 hours as he had to travel to make the flight which required being at the airport at 5 AM. He arrived literally with only the clothes on his back with his original two suitcases which only contained mission materials; books etc; a few keepsakes and a couple of soccer jerseys. He wore out 4 pairs of shoes in two years and had to buy new ones before he traveled home. The only remnant of the plethora of clothing he took was his original belt which was in three pieces....funny for sure. He was both dazed and amazed coming down the airport hallway and had trouble remembering the English language he left with. He is grateful; skinny; humble and still as funny as ever. He calls everyone "Elder" (just the men of course) and then corrects himself and he can't say the word "cinnamon" if his life depended on it...pretty funny!!! He thinks its weird to see houses with doors on them and every mirror he sees he comments about how big it is. Showers and hot water are his two favorite things right now and he puts chili peppers on everything he eats.  He has a new appreciation for his life and has lots of captivating stories of all types. He is looking forward to getting reacquainted with everyone and knows he will see many when he speaks this Sunday. His family is very happy he is home and the time demands for his attention has begun in earnest. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Conversion

October 8, 2012

Dear Mom & Family

Well I'm baffled right now.. out of words to say. After all this time the primary thing I have learned, and the most important that I could share with you, is something so small and so simple, yet so powerful, like a sword that pierces the heart and drops a seed in the center, my testimony of the Christ. I know He lives and He will forever be my King and my Lord. I know this Church is true. I have learned to leave the testimony of my mom and dad and walk alone being truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ the son of God. I now have found the burning Nucleus in my chest that screams 2 Nephi 22:2 !!! I love you so much mother and I want you to know how proud I am of you. I know the process of the conversion that has passed through you in this past two years and I'm so proud of the daughter of God you have become. I love you and the Lord is so pleased with all your efforts to declare good tidings among my siblings and me... and how much your testimony has grown. I know you are not the same. I thank you for your support and for your prayers. I have needed them and I have felt them. I love you mom and in a week I will see you. Just don't wear make up because I don't want you or my sisters to stain my clothes when we are all crying hahaha!!!  I love you. Take care mom and soon we will rejoice together. The Lord has lots of plans for you, so prepare yourself. I probably won't be coming home with many souvenirs because I'm in a place where I cant really buy any and I don't have money. Don't worry though the best souvenir of all is my testimony and the conversion of my soul forever. Stay safe.
Love Elder Johnston
Love you forever; like you for always; forever and ever my mommy you'll be...

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Jake will be returning from his mission in Villahermosa Mexico on Monday October 15 arriving at the Reno airport at 3:30 PM. All those who would like to see Jake are invited to welcome him home.

On Sunday October 21 he will be speaking in Sacrament meeting at 10 AM at the Tolas Place Chapel. We invite all who would like to attend to come and hear of his adventures in Mexico.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Promise

October 1, 2012

Dear Dad; Mom & Family
I’m scared I’ll have a heart attack with all the surprises I feel are coming when I get back. I love you all so much. idk.. Sometimes I wonder why is it that the lord decided to bless me so much in my life and keeps blessing me so much. Sometimes I don’t understand it. All I know is he really loves us all allot. I had my last interview with my president this week. He really loves me and I really love him. He is a great man and I have learned so much from him. I will forever be in debt to him. He really is an inspired man of God. I have felt that I have never had an interview by the Lord himself until my interview last Friday with my president. It was very moving and we both cried like little babies. Never have I felt the spirit so strongly nor have I received so clearly the revelations that have been revealed to me as I did that day. He shared with me sacred guidance that I will need and that I am now excited to complete. I love you tons dad. I am excited to come back. I have never experienced anything like this in my whole life and even though it was so hard, it was so worth it. I love it so much and I will miss every second of it.. That’s why I need to enjoy the taste of it now so that when I get back I can rejoice in the words of the Lord that say: “Ye have been faithful, enter into the joy of thy Lord”.
I love you all tons. I know that I have such little time left but I have big things planned, to finish with a bang. When I finished my last track race in the high school, when we broke the record, I remember throwing up and having nothing left to give, completely drained of all of my energy. That’s how I promise to finish the mission.. With everything.
Elder Johnston