Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Governor

May 21, 2012

Dear Family
Well I'm very good  I'm happy and healthy. We baptized this week again, a small kid that I hope will go on a mission someday. As well this week that's coming we will have another baptism... haha the bad news is I am suppose to help others baptize now and I'm still working on how I can do that instead of doing it myself haha. I hope I can figure something out to pump up the elders here... I also have to tell you this week there was a governor who was campaigning for something big and we were leaving the house of a member and his parade passed us and he stopped and came over with a big crowed of like 100 people with news people and photographers and stuff and tried talking to us.... but in the end we contacted him... I started going off like look these people need help and the gospel of Jesus Christ, like it says in the scriptures, has to be preached to the Governor of the city and blah blah blah.. I gave him a Book of Mormon and they gave me and my comp hats... the family that was behind us were so happy to see the guy and so I asked for 8 more hats for the family and he gave us his card. It was really cool. He's a really fake political guy you could tell tho.
Well I'm kinda frustrated with the pride that there is in our ward. I'm really trying to help them and I'm working a ton with the stake president teaching him how to do his job basically... well the Lord is doing it but I'm just the messenger. As well I cooked the mickey mouse pancakes for some members and they loved it.
Well I love you tons and will go for now.
Elder Johnston

Mothers Day

May 14, 2012

Dear Mother
I love you so so much. Sorry I made you cry. I told myself I wouldn't cry before i got on. Honestly its going to be no time mom before I see you and then you will be sick of me again and want me to leave. You need to enjoy the wonderful oportunity it is to have a son in a mission. Enjoy every second because before you know it.. Johnston will be back.. and forever is about to happen. I love you so much.
I will try to tell you more details of this stuff but its just hard because I feel like its all normal stuff for me now... idk what is wierd and crazy is that I live it every day of my life... when I give a lesson in the middle of a chicken pen or coop or I'm on a bus and hit a big pot hole thing because the roads stink here its all normal... 
Well I'm great here I'm fine. We played soccer today I and made like three goals.. it was pretty fun because it was raining really hard when we were playing and I had fun... just hot hot rain haha it was really cool. 
I pretty much said everything I needed to last night so idk what else there is to say. I love you tons and next week I will fill you in really good on the stuff I have done and when I get home you will hear all about it dont worry.
Elder Johnston

Thursday, June 7, 2012

May 8, 2012

May 9, 2012

Dear Family

Sorry I didn't write you this week. We had a council I had to go to in villa like 4 hours away where we had a great opportunity to be instructed by our president on the things of heaven. I have been changing so much lately and I feel so happy and clean like I never have before in my life. I love you so so much and I pray that you are all good. I hope you had a good time in St George.
How was it by the way? I hear that everyone had a great time.
Well all is well here. I heard that someone from the family... or in other words dad and mom... wrote the mission to complain that I didn't write.. tranqualisense porfavor. settle settle... I'm fine don't worry.. I will be skyping at 6 o'clock my time just on Sunday for mothers day to let you know so I hope you are all ready..... yes everyone can stop telling me to eat as well haha I'm fine its just the camera don't worry. It always takes off a few pounds haha.
Well I love you and I will talk to you Sunday.. happy mothers day mom and dad I kove you too.
Elder Johnston

April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012

Dear Family

Well all is good here, yep the softball thing was amazing. I don't want to brag or anything but you know who did the whole thing, which was so amazing, and planned it so good.. yep.. Elder Johnston. ti was amazing tho and everyone loved it.  I will send you the picture that was in the announcements. I think its the first time a pday zone activity has been in the announcements I and my newest inspiration from last night is for the next one we are going to have the Olympics I think.... how cool huh?  
Well all is well here. This week I married my first couple ever, it was crazy... we had to take them to the middle of no where to get them married where I think they still use donkeys to get around haha. It was crazy because anywhere else there is like a big line to do the papers and there you can do it in one day so we took two cars out there I did the papers and we got them married I got a little frustrated but what I have seen is that my patience has grown so much because I haven't been so impatient and irritated like that for a long long time... and everyone was mad and it was such a big deal... ugh glad that is over haha. But we did it so the lady could get baptised. tania. she did and I made elder smith baptise because its his last transfer here. He talked at church as well. My talk wasn't that good because i kinda winged it but Elder Smith gave a good one and cried lots because it was like his goodbye speech. My talk was based on how the young men blessing the sacrament represents Jesus so that must mean us partaking of it must represent the disciples... so which disciple are we?.. Peter, James, John or are we Judas and are we going to turn Jesus toward his death by our sins. It was a really powerful message.
I can really tell everyone loves Elder Smith because they had a really big farewell for him and now I know how it was for my comp when I left Palenque. It was so hard to leave there.
Well i love you mom. I'll keep you up to date. My new comp is elder Thomson. We will see how he is but I'm excited to get this ward pumped up to do good things.. love you all.
Elder Johnston

April 23, 2012 Batter Up !!!

April 23, 2012


Thank you so much for the information. so question... do I need to worry about school stuff now or can I wait till I get home to apply?? I want to start in January. The thing is mom is now I am more ready to go and study than I ever have been. If you think I studied in school you should see how I study now its not even funny. I love to study. All I want to do is study but I'm worried if i go to some party school I will fall back into being a Little kid again. 
Thank you for all your support mom and family on being a missionary. I pray every night that the lord will help me to touch other peoples lives and be the best missionary and person I can be and I will be the best zone leader I can be even though I don't feel sufficient to do it I know the lord will help and guide me to do the best I can. 
Well we had the zone activity today where we played in a professional baseball stadium. We sent people to make both teams (we played another zone and invited them, Acayucan my old zone) Jerseys to play and I made president a Jersey and it is way cool I'm not even kidding. We played and everyone said it is the best zone activity they have ever had in their whole missions and even one of the sisters that cooks there wants her son now to get baptised and go on a mission because of us. 
Me and another zone leader got there early and set up the shirts in the underground dugout all cool like they all walked in and had to find their Jersey it was way cool. I was the pitcher and made some good plays but didn't bat very good. 
I was so stressed out of my mind a little Mexican who doesn't know how to play baseball was going to get hit in the face with the ball or something bad was going to happen. I have had bad dreams for the last two weeks about it but its all good.
Well I love you all and I hope all is well. 
Elder Johnston

April 15 2012

April 15, 2012

Dear Mom & Family

I am working for the lord and he is working with me. Mom you are working on the yard and that is no reason to break your back and hurt the health that you have... if you don't rest you as well are breaking a commandment of God.. the word of wisdom. God has given you a gift so precious that you shouldn't just use it badly or run it out of battery's all the time so get better first.

Well this week was the most spiritual week of my life I think. We had a conference by our president who I believe will maybe be the first Mexican in the 12 apostles... he has such a spirit to him and has helped me understand the truths of the eternity's. I have really opened my mind to have an eternal vision and take this as Christ would take them. In the conference I had to give a talk.. president assigned me to but they told me like 3 min. before the conference so I basically had to wing it. It was a combined zone conference so there was like idk 40 missionary's there. The spirit really guided me to say what I needed to say and I even walked down in between the missionary's with the microphone and gave an example using some missionary's... it was great.. it was like an hour long. Then presidente got up with me and started teaching the missionary's with me. It was a great experience to be able to teach along side of pres. I was taking more notes when he was talking during my talk then anyone else haha. It was great. Everyone after said that my talk was really good and wanted to know about me preparing it and stuff and I had nothing to say. It was like an hour long tho by pure spirit. Way good. The best part was president and what he said. The words he spoke touched everyones heart and the things he said were things so sacred I shouldn't share them like this.
I had my first baptism in this area. His name was vicente martin hernadez sanchez and it was a very special and spiritual baptism. Ever since my president talked this day my mind has been opened to the spirit and so much more Revelation. I love the gospel so much it is something so incredible. 
Well I am glad everything is good over there. I hope all is well
It is getting so so so hot here. Its a good thing this is my last hot season here because I cant take more it is so so hot like 100s everyday and he haven't even hit the hottest yet. May is going to be like worse I am sure.

Well I love you so much mom. gots to go
love you tons
Elder Johnston