Thursday, June 7, 2012

April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012

Dear Family

Well all is good here, yep the softball thing was amazing. I don't want to brag or anything but you know who did the whole thing, which was so amazing, and planned it so good.. yep.. Elder Johnston. ti was amazing tho and everyone loved it.  I will send you the picture that was in the announcements. I think its the first time a pday zone activity has been in the announcements I and my newest inspiration from last night is for the next one we are going to have the Olympics I think.... how cool huh?  
Well all is well here. This week I married my first couple ever, it was crazy... we had to take them to the middle of no where to get them married where I think they still use donkeys to get around haha. It was crazy because anywhere else there is like a big line to do the papers and there you can do it in one day so we took two cars out there I did the papers and we got them married I got a little frustrated but what I have seen is that my patience has grown so much because I haven't been so impatient and irritated like that for a long long time... and everyone was mad and it was such a big deal... ugh glad that is over haha. But we did it so the lady could get baptised. tania. she did and I made elder smith baptise because its his last transfer here. He talked at church as well. My talk wasn't that good because i kinda winged it but Elder Smith gave a good one and cried lots because it was like his goodbye speech. My talk was based on how the young men blessing the sacrament represents Jesus so that must mean us partaking of it must represent the disciples... so which disciple are we?.. Peter, James, John or are we Judas and are we going to turn Jesus toward his death by our sins. It was a really powerful message.
I can really tell everyone loves Elder Smith because they had a really big farewell for him and now I know how it was for my comp when I left Palenque. It was so hard to leave there.
Well i love you mom. I'll keep you up to date. My new comp is elder Thomson. We will see how he is but I'm excited to get this ward pumped up to do good things.. love you all.
Elder Johnston

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