Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mothers Day

May 14, 2012

Dear Mother
I love you so so much. Sorry I made you cry. I told myself I wouldn't cry before i got on. Honestly its going to be no time mom before I see you and then you will be sick of me again and want me to leave. You need to enjoy the wonderful oportunity it is to have a son in a mission. Enjoy every second because before you know it.. Johnston will be back.. and forever is about to happen. I love you so much.
I will try to tell you more details of this stuff but its just hard because I feel like its all normal stuff for me now... idk what is wierd and crazy is that I live it every day of my life... when I give a lesson in the middle of a chicken pen or coop or I'm on a bus and hit a big pot hole thing because the roads stink here its all normal... 
Well I'm great here I'm fine. We played soccer today I and made like three goals.. it was pretty fun because it was raining really hard when we were playing and I had fun... just hot hot rain haha it was really cool. 
I pretty much said everything I needed to last night so idk what else there is to say. I love you tons and next week I will fill you in really good on the stuff I have done and when I get home you will hear all about it dont worry.
Elder Johnston

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