Thursday, June 7, 2012

April 23, 2012 Batter Up !!!

April 23, 2012


Thank you so much for the information. so question... do I need to worry about school stuff now or can I wait till I get home to apply?? I want to start in January. The thing is mom is now I am more ready to go and study than I ever have been. If you think I studied in school you should see how I study now its not even funny. I love to study. All I want to do is study but I'm worried if i go to some party school I will fall back into being a Little kid again. 
Thank you for all your support mom and family on being a missionary. I pray every night that the lord will help me to touch other peoples lives and be the best missionary and person I can be and I will be the best zone leader I can be even though I don't feel sufficient to do it I know the lord will help and guide me to do the best I can. 
Well we had the zone activity today where we played in a professional baseball stadium. We sent people to make both teams (we played another zone and invited them, Acayucan my old zone) Jerseys to play and I made president a Jersey and it is way cool I'm not even kidding. We played and everyone said it is the best zone activity they have ever had in their whole missions and even one of the sisters that cooks there wants her son now to get baptised and go on a mission because of us. 
Me and another zone leader got there early and set up the shirts in the underground dugout all cool like they all walked in and had to find their Jersey it was way cool. I was the pitcher and made some good plays but didn't bat very good. 
I was so stressed out of my mind a little Mexican who doesn't know how to play baseball was going to get hit in the face with the ball or something bad was going to happen. I have had bad dreams for the last two weeks about it but its all good.
Well I love you all and I hope all is well. 
Elder Johnston

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