Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Governor

May 21, 2012

Dear Family
Well I'm very good  I'm happy and healthy. We baptized this week again, a small kid that I hope will go on a mission someday. As well this week that's coming we will have another baptism... haha the bad news is I am suppose to help others baptize now and I'm still working on how I can do that instead of doing it myself haha. I hope I can figure something out to pump up the elders here... I also have to tell you this week there was a governor who was campaigning for something big and we were leaving the house of a member and his parade passed us and he stopped and came over with a big crowed of like 100 people with news people and photographers and stuff and tried talking to us.... but in the end we contacted him... I started going off like look these people need help and the gospel of Jesus Christ, like it says in the scriptures, has to be preached to the Governor of the city and blah blah blah.. I gave him a Book of Mormon and they gave me and my comp hats... the family that was behind us were so happy to see the guy and so I asked for 8 more hats for the family and he gave us his card. It was really cool. He's a really fake political guy you could tell tho.
Well I'm kinda frustrated with the pride that there is in our ward. I'm really trying to help them and I'm working a ton with the stake president teaching him how to do his job basically... well the Lord is doing it but I'm just the messenger. As well I cooked the mickey mouse pancakes for some members and they loved it.
Well I love you tons and will go for now.
Elder Johnston

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