Thursday, June 7, 2012

April 15 2012

April 15, 2012

Dear Mom & Family

I am working for the lord and he is working with me. Mom you are working on the yard and that is no reason to break your back and hurt the health that you have... if you don't rest you as well are breaking a commandment of God.. the word of wisdom. God has given you a gift so precious that you shouldn't just use it badly or run it out of battery's all the time so get better first.

Well this week was the most spiritual week of my life I think. We had a conference by our president who I believe will maybe be the first Mexican in the 12 apostles... he has such a spirit to him and has helped me understand the truths of the eternity's. I have really opened my mind to have an eternal vision and take this as Christ would take them. In the conference I had to give a talk.. president assigned me to but they told me like 3 min. before the conference so I basically had to wing it. It was a combined zone conference so there was like idk 40 missionary's there. The spirit really guided me to say what I needed to say and I even walked down in between the missionary's with the microphone and gave an example using some missionary's... it was great.. it was like an hour long. Then presidente got up with me and started teaching the missionary's with me. It was a great experience to be able to teach along side of pres. I was taking more notes when he was talking during my talk then anyone else haha. It was great. Everyone after said that my talk was really good and wanted to know about me preparing it and stuff and I had nothing to say. It was like an hour long tho by pure spirit. Way good. The best part was president and what he said. The words he spoke touched everyones heart and the things he said were things so sacred I shouldn't share them like this.
I had my first baptism in this area. His name was vicente martin hernadez sanchez and it was a very special and spiritual baptism. Ever since my president talked this day my mind has been opened to the spirit and so much more Revelation. I love the gospel so much it is something so incredible. 
Well I am glad everything is good over there. I hope all is well
It is getting so so so hot here. Its a good thing this is my last hot season here because I cant take more it is so so hot like 100s everyday and he haven't even hit the hottest yet. May is going to be like worse I am sure.

Well I love you so much mom. gots to go
love you tons
Elder Johnston

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