Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Birds and a Tooth

May 28, 2012

Dear Family

I'll just start off by saying that God listens to you as well... its funny to read your letters once a week. Last week you were complaining about the cotton and wanted some wind and now your complaining about the wind. That's funny!
Remember when dad says... I can never make your mother happy Jake... HaHa well I wonder how the Lord feels.
I love you so much mom. Don't worry so much. It is all in your attitude.. if you have a bad attitude everything will be bad... you have always told me... it is what you make it to be...... as it says in the bible... woe unto the priest who profit unto himself.... be happy.. come what may and love it. What more can you do?
I had an experience this week. Lots actually thinking about it. I had a stake meeting with the president and all the ward mission leaders of the stake. They just called a recently activated what some would call a punk kid as our new mission leader to help us and he shows up for the meeting in shorts and the same shirt he slept in and was just a mess... so what did I do? I told him with some strong words to go home wash up and come back when he is ready to represent the Lord.
He left mad and I went in the meeting and sitting there I felt a bad and repented for what I said to the kid. I felt impressed to offer a prayer for the kid. I did and I prayed he would feel the impression to return to the church for the opportunity for me to offer an apology. Finishing the prayer in walked the kid with a tie, white shirt, showered with dress pants. The love of the Lord filled my heart for the opportunity I received for the revelation and inspiration he gave me. He said he learned his lesson and I ask his forgiveness.. 
I as well gave a talk this week in sacrament meeting. The bishop asked us Saturday night and I had no idea what I was going to speak on till 5 min before the talk. Then he sent all the revelation I needed to give a great talk about two experiences I had in these weeks with birds. 
One bird that we found in the church building was calm enough to grab it so we could release it and the other one that flew in our house that was crazy and didn't want us to touch it. It was very funny the talk and I related it to not being afraid to choose the right and do good things. Don't be scared to do good things... everyone liked it and it was the first time I have had the people in Mexico say good job on a talk I gave. First time ever.. the culture here is that they just don't do that.
Then that night we were going to have a fireside and I was going to speak but during our dinner appointment ... what happens... my tooth falls out... and now I can't stick it back in so I just didn't talk the rest of the night. Being Sunday I couldn't do anything about it until today in the morning when I went to get it fixed. Uggggg
Well I love you so much... oh we baptized this week as well and I don't have much more to say except that I love you tons.
Elder Johnston

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