Monday, July 23, 2012


June 25, 2012

Thanks Mom
Well goals, idk what I told you last week but I'll tell you that we are breaking history my zone and the Lords zone.. we are the zone of Moroni.. we set a mission record I think with contacts and lessons... we have the most baptismal dates in our zone for July than any other and it all comes from sacrifice.... We have studied, we know our stuff and now its time to go and just do hard work... It's the 4th quarter of my mission and I'm not turning back and the Lord in our zone is preparing NEXT level missionary's. Another thing that you will find way surprising is that we started something that is the team rescate, or the rescue team, in our ward about 3 months ago and our plan is to go one member by one saving everyone... Now the general athouritys are coming out with the same stuff and they just had a conference call on the rescate and talked all about the thing we started here... Tell me that wasn't revelation!! This week my comp and I did 412 contacts and the rest of our zone did over 200.... the average missionary does 140! THE WHOLE ZONE OF MISSIONARY'S!! crazy..... president sent us some dead, don't want to work missionarys to our zone.. actually we have 3, and that's allot for a zone, that are just not great missionarys and in one week the Lord has changed them calling them every night helping them and pumping them up to do it. I love it because no one can believe that they are changed and now they are some of the best missionarys of the mission!!!I love you mom so so much. I know I'm 21 now but I'll always be your baby boy wrapped in your arms.. I love you so much and I can still feel the warmth of your hug; the smell of you hair; see the kindness in your heart, the glisten in your eyes and the fight in the Cooper!! I love you so much.LoveElder johnston

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  1. saludos amigo como le ha ido espero que bien, tenga animo. saludos