Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Viva America

July 2, 2012

Dear Familia

haha  That's all so great.. I love hearing that everyone is good and happy and honestly this is and always has been my favorite time of the year... I just remembered this week that the silver state rodeo and the 4th of July with ice cream and brownies is going on and I about freaked out. It's so amazing the life that the Lord has given us.. the way to learn; the ability to desarrodiar talentos and stuff its just so amazing. I love life so much and I just wish it went forever... oh wait i guess it does. Anyway this week was kinda good. Its really hard here in my area because the president always sticks the zone leaders in the hardest areas. We haven't baptised very much lately and its the part of my mission I have worked the hardest but I do know that the zone is receiving blessings for the work of my comp and I. We already have 24 baptismal dates in our zone and that's amazing because usually in the whole zone we only baptise like 14 and that's way good so this month I think we are going to break a record of baptisms for the zone so I'm way pump and excited to work...
I love you so so much mom.. I will be going to Villa tomorrow for the consejo with our president so i will get my package I think and celebrate the fourth with all my best buddy zone leaders. Remember Elder Price in the MTC... well he is a zone leader as well and my buddy from Palenque Elder Williams and the assistant Elder Liston we are the best friends of the mission and basically run the whole dang mission. Its great we always call and match our ties for the zone counsels and are always sharing our revelation with each other.. Its great and helps us have lots of success. I cant believe that me and Elder Price have come this far and we are in the same place now... now we only need to be comps...
Well tell Billy he better be practicing up. haha I love that kid. Okay I love you so much mom, don't worry I will be living with you for a long long time.. I'll be like the movie failure to launch mom and you'll just want me out of the house haha. I love you so much. Happy fourth of July
Elder Johnston
muchisimo amorrrrrr

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