Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Old Glory

July 9, 2012

I hope all is well and I hope Jason is doing good. I know he is my boy. Well I am shocked that you email off your phone. I find that amazing mom haha. I’m sure you have changed allot like we all have. I know the Lord is helping us grow our talents everyday and help us be better people. He loves us so much and I can’t wait for the day to thank my Lord and Savior in person for the love He shows me. Well my comp this week had his last interview thank goodness... he is going home in 2 more weeks if he can make it. He is really struggling here and I feel bad for him and its kinda getting me dismantled as well but I wont let him. I’m always behind him punching him along but I’m excited that I will be getting a change soon. The president said in his last interview that I would not be finishing here where I am thank goodness because honestly it’s a hard area. We have had a hard time finding people to baptize and I’m struggling for some last breaths.. it doesn’t mean I’m not working hard but my area is very small and its very of the world. The people don’t want anything to do with God in their lives and its hard to not have people with desires.
I’m working hard though and this last week we had the zone leader consejo. It was great and very spiritual. I love being able to go and hang out with Elder Price and Elder Williams my best buds in the mission here. It’s like a two day vacation in heaven like I leave earth for 2 days and come back really fast. I was in charge of giving the last prayer and the spirit was very strong. I did get your package by the way and my comp thanks you for the book. He says you are really amazing getting the book to him that fast. It was funny. The  4th of July I was in the consejo and I woke up in the morning and realized there were 22 of the best missionaries in one room and at 6 AM in the morning I put on the American flag like a cap and went around waking everyone up! They all said the pledge of allegiance to the flag it was way funny and great!!
Well I love you so much mom. I am doing my best. Not for you or anyone else but so all glory goes to my Father who is in heaven. I love him so much and He has blessed me beyond measure. I love you and thank you for everything you do for me. The Church is True !!!
Elder Johnston

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