Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Work Of Prayer

August 6, 2012

Dear Mom & Dad, (But mostly Mom) jk
Well this week was really good. We had a baptism this Saturday and the water was sooo yellow we took one of those things from the toilet bowl that makes the water blue and had to throw it in the water to make it a little bluer... I think that’s the bluest I have ever seen baptism water in my life... hahaha it was really good tho.. the Lord is blessing us so so much and to tell you the truth idk how I’m going to keep up my personal progress when I get home.. everyone says.. Elder how are you going to not drink coca cola when you get home if your whole family is addicted to Coke hahaha its way funny. Well this week my tooth fell out again like Avas did and it falls out about every month so I figure I will have to go back to the dentist here like 2 times at least. Not fun!!
In other news today we played football and I’m not as good as I once was... but... I’m as good once as I ever was if you know what I mean? haha
I can’t believe there is a Texas Road House in Reno!!!! UGHHH I am going to be wasting so much money now. That’s great that terrin got her promotion at work. I’m sure she did way better on the IQ test than I would ever do haha.
Well I’m way happy you watched that movie in my memory haha. Every time someone asks me what my favorite movie is I tell them el regalo supremo... its Spanish for the ultimate gift haha.
Well I love you so much mom. We are having lots of success. This week we are having a bautizona which is where every missionary in your zone baptizes. It has only happened one other time in the whole mission!! Can you believe that? And we are making a plan with the stake that we can have 42 baptisms as a stake the month of September!! That will break the record not only for the zone but for the whole mission!!! Working hard pays off and the souls that have come to the Lord are keeping the work going and that is what makes me happy.
I love you so so much and I know that you are anxious for me to come home... yo tambien. idk what I’ll do but I can’t wait. Speaking of that I should tell you that today I got my official travel plans... and the flight plans.. long story short it is amazing that the time is drawing to a close so soon.
I will be coming home Monday the 15th of October and I think I will get to the airport at 6 in the afternoon!! crazy!!! If there is anything that you want me to buy here for you guys tell me because I don’t think I’ll be buying much stuff ... honestly there isn’t allot to buy here haha
Well I love you tons.. tell the girls to hold their horses I’m still a servant of God and can’t be tempted haha.
I love you tons
Elder Johnston

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