Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prez Rules

August 13. 2012

Dear Dad
haha yah I know who is there.. actually us as missionaries here have a site on the internet where we can see what missionaries are serving where and which are in my house having lunch with you. One skinny white kid with glasses I think right? and one big Tongan guy haha looks kinda funny. I didn’t know that Jenifer Whitaker went on a mission to Mexico either. That really shocked me when I saw her there on the site.
Well I’m good dad. We had a sick baptism service  this week. I think it’s the best one for me so far and I was so nervous haha I haven’t felt so nervous since my first day in high school... I’ll tell you why later. It was great but she didn’t go to church Sunday and didn’t get confirmed so we will see I guess.
Well I love you tons dad and I hope everything is alright there. The yard looks amazing!!! I’m not kidding but I did see a patch of grass that seems to be kinda dead down by the garden ... might want to check that out haha.. just kidding. I love you and I’m so happy your happy.
Elder Johnston
Well mom..
This week has been pretty crazy.. we had lots of stuff that happened. Early this week a hurricane hit us pretty hard!! It was crazy... it was the hurricane Ernest or Ernesto in Spanish. It was pretty cool just strong winds and some flooding but everyone is fine and now its hot again. It was cool. I baptized a girl this week named Mari and she didn’t get confirmed cuz she didn’t come to church!! ugh so mad sometimes. Its okay.. her baptismal service was great though and I was really nervous for it.
We had some hard times in the zone this week but we are still doing good. The Lords work always goes on pressing forward.
Well it was really funny what happened the other day because we went to a capasitation of bishops with the stake president and he asked us to say some words and we gave them lots of great tips and stuff but the bishops here are so stubborn sometimes. They think they know everything even when most of them are recent converts or maybe they went on a mission. But long story short they all shut us down on all our ideas and I was sooo mad.... but like 5 days latter pres. Castaneda came to our stake and we had a junta with him and the stake presidency and he told them all the stuff that we said and they couldn’t say anything because I have the best pres in the world. After that they all shut up haha I was so so happy you have no idea... I know its probably not a Christ like attribute to say I told you so but I love it that we can keep moving forward. We told the stake pres and the bishops how things should be and Elder Price is the assistant and was there also. We conducted the whole thing.. it was great.. I can so see he and I running some big company someday haha.
Well everything is good here and I got the picture of the yard. It looks great!! I’m way impressed... still seems like we need more green or trees or something.. maybe I’m just used to the jungle down here haha but it looks magnificent mom honestly. I will go for now.
love you tons
Elder Johnston

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