Saturday, September 1, 2012

Amazing Power

August 20, 2012

Dear Family

haha Wow that’s some crazy stuff!!! I can’t believe Remy is having a baby! Pete needs to get baptized already and stop sinning and Andy as well... those are my first two baptisms when I get home.
Well I love you tons that’s what matters I guess.. please don’t tell Teresa I want menudo please… its not very pleasant. Tamales are great and now you know the type of service projects I do here haha. If you want to eat something way good ask her to make mole.. or empanadas o Memel as... those are some dang good foods... or tacos de pastor oh my goodness I’m starting a restaurant of tacos de pastor when I get home I’m not kidding haha so good.
Well I’m doing good and this week I had lots of testimony building experiences... Friday was the craziest day so I’ll tell you about that. We got a call to go give a blessing because the bishop couldn’t. It was a sick lady but we didn’t know how bad it was and didn’t really know who it was, but she was a member. The bad thing is we didn’t have any blessing oil because we had run out. We went and called the bishop and the counselors; checked in the church; called the young men and all the leaders of the Church and no one had any oil... we decided finally to go and buy some but as we were walking we had to pass the ladies house and the people there came to us and said that she had already died.... You don’t know the sadness that came over me... that’s why it is so so so important to carry it with us at all times whoever is a holder of the priesthood, oil consecrated; its so important.

Then we get a call from president Castaneda and he asked me if I had seen an elder Aguirre... I said I heard he was sick but hadn’t seen him. He told me to go to his house immediately. We went and when we got there they told us what he had... he was really hot and all his body hurt and he had a temperature even his arms were burning hot and it was hard for him to stand up cuz his legs hurt... It’s something called dengue.. its a viruses that comes from mosquitoes... I think its called in English the west Nile virus. He had been to the doctor and everything but we had orders to call the president when we got there. When I called him he asked me how he was and then he gave me and order and simply said. “Elder Johnston I want you to ask the Elder if he has faith and then heal him... with the priesthood power that you hold heal him.. that’s an order“. You can imagine what I was thinking. In that moment I placed my hands on his head with the two other Elders present and we commanded him to be healed. I felt things that I shouldn’t even try to write and I know it is real and the power is as well. We told him to sleep and call us when he woke up to tell us how he felt. The next day he was 100 percent better; healed and ready to go and work!!! He went to church and did everything as normal as ever carrying out the everyday life of a missionary. How amazing is the gospel and the power of the Priesthood?
Well I love you so much mom and Dad stay safe and worthy. I will go for now
I love you
Elder Johnston

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