Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Extra Mile

September 10, 2012

Dear Familia
Well I have had since last Monday a crazy crazy week. I have been trying to take everything to the next level... for a while I’ve been sick of being the same and keeping the same commandments as everyone else so that’s why I have set lots of new goals for myself... that’s an amazing concept to be able to change ourselves and be better all the time. Well Tuesday was my last night in Mina and I didn’t want to say goodbye to allot of people because it just gets too sad.. I left a really good friend Elder Fonseca and I think I will be seeing him around at BYU or something. I said goodbye to my two favorite families and one gave me a sombrero.. the people who want to come visit us.. they gave it to me but I left it there and they are going to send it to me.. The other sombrero is one I bought on the side of the street haha. Tuesday I got on ado and came to Villa.... it is sooooooooo hot. I thought everywhere else was hot but this is hots daddy. It is called the green hell! I’m not even kidding you all. Its so hot and there are so many mosquito’s... I even gave a talk on it this Sunday about how many mosquito’s there are here and I compared the west Nile virus to missionary work... It was a really good talk actually and this is an amazing Ward... Well presidente sent me to a great area to finish.. Its a really strong ward of like 150 in attendance every week!! And as well the bishop actually welcomed me to the ward and someone plays the piano and everything, it is so beautiful. I feel like I’m a little closer to home already... Actually it makes me think of Palenque allot here. My area is so big.. Its one of the biggest in the mission and I have to take convis everywhere and sometimes pochimovils... a convi is a van with no seats with like 20 Mexicans crammed into it and a pochimovil is a motorcycle that pulls a two man carriage. Its crazy but its way big.. its like the whole city of Carson or bigger. It has lots of small ranches too which is way cool. My comp was here with my old companion Elder Zamora and overall he is a good guy but has allot to learn.. he is from Salt Lake City.. He’s a tall and skinny dude.. My first day here I got up at 4:30 in the morning and started throwing stuff away... He got up at 6:30 and was a little surprised. You know how I am when I clean and I just start throwing stuff away that I don’t think is needed... needless to say he was pretty shocked at what got done... We took out ten trash bags and they were the big black ones.... It was funny ha-ha I cleaned every room in the place and lets just say the house is now like a Temple... I have never lived in a dirty house and I never will. I have made lots of changes and I’m taking all my work to the next level.. and the truth is I feel so close to the spirit. I feel like I can read presidents mind... They had the zone leader council last week after changes and I had already started all the ideas here that were set out in the zone leader council and more... its great and we are having so much success here I am excited for it all.

Well I love you all so much and I hope that that’s enough information for you. I’m good; healthy; happy and working hard.

Dad I took out that money so don’t worry.. I had to buy some stuff for the mission and to travel to Tabasco... just stuff like that but I think I might need some more money because here we use more money in taxis and convis and motorcycle things than any other place in the mission... They even give us more money for transports but I don’t think it will be enough. We have to travel so much so I would highly appreciate it if you could put a little more in my account.. thank you so much.

Well I love you all tons... Also today in the morning we got up early and instead of using our pday for ourselves we went and helped a member clean his yard... We started at 7AM and it was basically like we had to chop down a small part of the jungle ha-ha.. We got a lot done though and I feel good. There is nothing like going the extra mile.

Well I love you tons and wish me luck.

love your son

Elder Johnston

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