Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fire Up...Push On

July 30, 2012

Dear Dad
Thanks dad I’m doing really good. My comp and I are doing great.. He is a stud and a good friend that I got to know early in the mission. He played American football back home and is from Torrion Quawila Mexico and a big guy... we have so much energy between the two of us and in the first week we set six baptismal dates!!! It is finally picking up again. Prayer works and the time is flying by. I love you tons stay safe
Elder Johnston

Dear Mom
geez mom don’t work too much!!! That’s like praying for a blessing and then slapping the Lord in the face and hurting yourself again!! Anything you over do is bad for you. Too much of anything can hurt you. Be a little more careful. Well yah they called me the other day and said I’m going home the 18th but who knows.. and as well I would love to eat at Texas road house but.... when I left there was no Texas road house in Fallon or Reno so idk what... idk. Just make the plans and at some point I have to get released as a  missionary.... UGHHHH WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS. I’m still a missionary haha I have a long long time left before I go home haha.
Well I love you so so much and can’t wait to get home.
My comp and I are doing great. He played football before the mission and was a full back.. he is a big kid from Northern Mexico.  We have so much energy together and we gave a sick class the other day with all the Elders and we were running across the room yelling at people it was like a game day for football or basketball and all the Elders got excited and we set goals and in our first week we set 6 fetchas or baptismal dates!!! Its so cool and we are really working hard.
I love you so so much and I pray for you everyday. Stay safe
Love Elder Johnston

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