Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Level

June 18,2012

Dear Family

haha hey lay off me on the whole english thing... its only been twenty months... haha.
Well all is great over here. I'm spiritually preparing myself right now like Christ did in the desert for forty days in fasting.. I'm doing it because these last months of my mission I'm going to make a covenant with the Lord to take it up one more level and do things that no one has ever seen before. I'm going to be the Moroni of the mission and I'm in preparation because when I say go... it all starts and I will be working my tail off even harder till the day I go with no excuses and I will not fail the Lord. It's amazing what the gospel can do.
Well today you will never guess but I went back to Coatza for a bit and got to play basketball with some elders, with all my buddy zone leaders. They are really good ball players and basically they got on their knees and pleaded for me to come so I went... I really got a confidence booster today because out of no where when we were playing 4 on 4 half court ball I took a kid to the hole and somehow the Lord just lifted me off the ground and I dunked it on everyone!!! Everyone like got silent for a second and then freaked out that I just threw it down haha and now think I'm the best basketball player in the whole mission haha !! It's pretty funny. I guess I've still got a little bit of game. I'm just really skinny that's all. As well I also saw there MY FIRST CONVERT IN THE MISSION... When I baptized him he was only ten years old now he is 12 and tall and strong and has the preisthood and his sister who I also baptized is going to the EFY!!!! It's so amazing.. I got him way excited to go on the mission. I love that so much. I loved the feeling. It was way funny to see the expressions on the face of the people when I knocked on their door after a year and a half.
Well I love you and I got dads letter tell him thank you tons and I got the two short sleave shirts.. Thank you for the shirts. 
Well I love you tons and I'll go for now but I love you so so so much.
Elder Johnston

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