Monday, July 16, 2012

Electric Miracles

June 4, 2012

Dear Mother,
Well I'm really sorry Roxy died I know its sad and all.. someone once told me the only thing that is sure in this life is change and it's really true. I know its hard for you and its painful if its a close pet or a loved one but the only way to take the pain out of death is to take the love out of life. I love you so much mom you know that. I hope you trust me and can put your confidence in me at all times. I hope all is well and I constantly pray for your well being. I know you are going through a tough time. I pray you can feel the love of God. Read the song where can I turn for peace in the hym book and then sing it. It really helped me this week. Then once you are feeling good go back and read the last three emails you have sent me, the impressions that you recieve will be of great knowlege and a learning experience by the spirit.
Well this week was great as always. I think I say that just about every week... I think it might be because of my attitude.
This week was amazing and I really saw the power of God and felt it descend from the heavens over my life this week. Another personal experience that is and will be part of my testamony for forever.
I'll start out from before. Well our goal for attendance here that we set was 100 people. It has been like that since the last time we broke it a few weeks ago because truly we have helped this place grow. To have a real growth in the church is an amazing feeling. Long story short we have never gotten to 100 people before in the history of the ward. Another goal we have never broken is the attendance of the stake which is 600 people... we are working with the stake president to make that.. anyway last Sunday the attendance just made me soooooooo mad because we only had 70 in our ward and that was the low in the stake.. I was really upset and the Lord revealed to me a plan. I said this week we will have 100 people in the ward even if I have to do it all my self!!! I told everyone. I composed a pledge in writing that stated.. I (blank) and your name.... promise to help the Lord to achieve the goal of one hundred people in the sacrament meeting and renew my covenants this day and hour I... kinda like that.. and I went to every members house during the week working my tail off.... not kidding ...most I have worked in my whole mission.. I went to 133 peoples house and they all signed the paper saying they would go and help make the ward goal and bring a friend.... so I'm exhausted and ready for Sunday.. I start my fast and every prayer was focused on this goal. After we had planned to make it a stake thing because it was looking good. Then we get to church and we are the first ones there.. kinda weird, its already late and little by little came 80 members to church... I had failed... again.... now I felt bad because I got everyone excited.. the bishop and the leaders didn't help me at all, no one did. I did everything... I brought 80 people to church alone and if it wasn't for the investigators we had it would have been 70 again. So sad imagine how I was..
but I put on a smile and said the next time we will get them here.
I'm down... but putting on a show for my comp... who is really dead to let you know, one of the worst comps I've had..... so I am trying to animate him..
We go to eat, come back and start calling for the numbers of all the wards... Now I told myself I know that the Lord wouldn't fail us like that.. I didn't do all that work for nothing. I knew that something was going to happen.
Once we got all the numbers from all the missionarys the goal that we had for the stake at 600 people was broken by some miracle. We got 624 people in the reunion sacramental.. that is the real number that is important to give to the president of the mission and we broke the goal wich no one ever does. No one ever breaks the goals they put in the mission because they say its a lack of faith if you put a realistic goal.. it's amazing how the Lord knew that what we really wanted was 624 people and not just the 100 people in our ward. I know he listens to us and it shocks me how miraculously he does what he does.
As well there was a big electric storm here. So scary I have never been in a storm like that in my life. The lightning actually struck a chicken of one of the neighbors and killed it haha. It's pretty funny but the thunder was so loud it hurt your chest and the light was flashing so bright you could barely see because it would like shock you.
Well  love you so much and I hope you can be optimistic about the things that happen in your life. Learn to enjoy your personal conversion. I love you so much
Elder Johnston

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