Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January 30, 2011

Dear Family,

Well, Mom, to start off your letter was good.  However, I told you not to work so hard.  Dang I hate it when you do that.  I live around death and death can come easy, so please don’t work so hard!
     I hope Miles is okay and tell him I said good luck and I wish them the best of luck.  I do feel bad for the bball team.  Tell Tommy and Miles thanks for being great guys too.  Good job on the Standards Night as well!!

Now because there was an emergency transfer of comps we live alone now.  Just Elder Marin and I are in the house.  We have two areas and wards to cover now so we walking a lot.
     I have this good friend, his name is Erik.  He is 22 and getting ready to serve a mission.  He sent his mission papers in like a month ago.  He is a bball player too and his family loves me.  We have splits now because we have 2 wards so every Sunday my comp and I split up and go to different churches.  I was with Eric in his ward and in the middle of sacrament meeting he is called to the stand and the Stake President gives him his mission call letter.  He asked Erik to give his testimony and read the letter aloud for everyone.  This brought back a lot of memories!  He is going to Chi Wawa Mexico on the border.  It is like one of the most dangerous missions!!!  It  is loco for real!!
     The family we live with is great.  They are just like regular people.  The husbands name is Hyman Rodriguez.  He is so funny for real.  He calls us mambos which is gay in a certain place in Mexico.  So that is the name for the missionaries.  He is very funny and a great guy.  I’m always joking with Hyman  about getting him with water.  His reply is always I don’t need a shower for a week, so don’t!   We live above him and not a lot of things have roofs here like this house.  Only part of this house has a roof.  We live higher and so I told my comp to go downstairs and take a picture of him.  They were right below me and I had like a 10 gallon bucket, like a horse trough of water and dumped it on him!!!!!  So I’m waiting for him to get me back.  Great I know!!
     His wife is great too.  She keeps telling me to let her know what she needs and she will pack her bags to come live with us tomorrow!!
     I don’t really have any big story for this week.  Not a lot happened.  We practiced on a Jehovah Witness which was kind of funny.  There are tons here.  I had to cast out more evil spirits out of a house this week. But I think the people were just a little different anyway.
     I am sick with a little cold.  I don’t know how except for the butt freezing cold showers in the morning.  Ha-ha
     Oh by the way the First Counselor of my mission president had the same interview as President Weed to be a mission president in Mexico.

I love you guys tons and I will have more funny stories next week.  I didn’t mean homemade cookies I meant store bought cookies. We have a refrigerator  a small one and that is it.  Send me what ever you can.  I think that I will get packages this week or next because the zone leaders are going to the office this week or next.  I have a feeling soon.
     Tell Lacey thanks for the Christmas card and tell Cody to freaking write me already!!! it has only been ….4 months!!!!
     I love you so much!!  The home sickness is good.  It was just for a while.  It comes every now and again, sorry!
     I love you all soooooo much and you mom tons!!  Tell everyone to write me!!

Love you all
Love Elder Johnston

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