Saturday, March 5, 2011

February 7, 2011

Dear Family,

    I have lots of stories to tell this week so I will just say I love you all tons and I hope you like the stories.
     First of all I  finally received your  Christmas package and 10 cards this week.  I didn’t receive Loni’s calendar but I got a lot of stuff that I need to read. Thanks for everything!  I have already taught the Mexicans how to play table tennis, haha.  It’s great!!  I could use a cd player and a cd holder, porfavor.
     I bought like 30 eggs thinking I as going to cook them up with this frying pan that was like 10 pesos, haha, and it didn’t go so well!!  It was a mess!  The whole house smelled like burnt eggs and it was bad!!  I threw them outside for the dogs and now I have 28 eggs that I don’t know what to do with!  Haha
     You know that I am a Mexican when it’s 70 degrees here with a little wind and I am freezing my butt off  for real!!  I had to buy a sweatshirt that was like $58.00I!  Haha  los siento puro gracies por la debaro,
     I had two baptisms this week, Jenny and Roberto,  I have four so far in my mission.  It is easy to get people to accept baptism but to get them to actually do it is much harder.
     I don’t know if I told you about when the iguana ran through my lunch while we were eating one day.  If not let me know and I will tell you next week.
     So my story of how the Lord works and missionaries are not the only ones doing the work here:
     My companion and I were at this house waiting for a mother.
We had an appointment with her.  She wasn’t home and so my comp and I were standing outside her house.  It was night and there was no one in the streets, really. We said that we would wait for 5 more minutes and go if she didn’t show up. The last minute a lady walked by, it was her daughter and she asked who we were and then walked off down the road.  We said that we would wait for 5 minutes.  The last minute she walked up again and said come wait at my house for my mom.  The mother has a son on a mission but the rest of the family are non members.
     We walked to the house and it was quite a long walk.  They had stairs that were like straight up and down.  We walked up and turned right into a room.  The room was filled with like 6 people.  We sat down and introduced ourselves, had a coke and talked for a little bit.  The whole time my comp and I were like what is going on because this never happens!  People don’t just invite you into their homes and say baptize me!!!  Haha So we started to teach.  We taught the 6 people in the house.  During the part about Joseph Smith, which I gave, the spirit filled the room like a gas.  Once you inhaled it they were like silent and observant.  I know that this night the Lord needed the spirit to testify to the truthfulness of the gospel for a specific reason.  I don’t know why but it wasn’t us but God and the spirit!!!  We now have three great new investigators who I am believe will get baptized in the near future.
     Today, Monday, I taught all the Mexicans how to actually play football!  It was so much fun!  It was Elder Plummer and I who taught them and we were the quarterbacks for the teams.  It was probably the most fun I have had since I have been in Mexico with sports.  Haha  We play a lot of soccer so this was nice.  Our team won like 48 to 7 but the kids and men loved it.  My shirt was torn to shreds by the end of the game!! Haha  It was great to play some football!!

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