Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Dear Family,
     This week we had two baptisms, it was Rubi and Shala.  I can already tell they are going to be my friends throughout my life.  This is the first time I had to baptize two times because her hair came up out of the water, haha.  Beautiful times really!  I love this life!
     I am not all the way better  but I am feeling better each day.  I talked with a doctor last night and he gave me some pills so it’s all good, I’ll live.
    I would appreciate it if you could send that stuff.  Also, I am still working on the package to send you guys.  It will be in the mail in the next week or two.  Also my camera is dead so I have no choice but to buy a new one so I hope that you will make sure I have money in my account, thanks.
    No real good stories this week.  Just that all is good and I miss you all so much.
  I will talk to you next week.
Elder Johnston

March 21, 2011

Dear Family,

Well, this week I was really sick for the first time and that’s all I will say about that,  I was so so so sick haha.  But now I am fine.  My comp is great and fits in perfect with our family.  He is a big goof ball who would be really good friends with our family.  He is like Ricky Hacking funny, haha!!!
     The camera I want is like $300 so I don’t know if you want to buy me a Christmas present or what haha.
     I saw BYU play a little.  The family who lives downstairs has a tv and the bball is always on so I have some basketball time when I am talking to them.  It’s nice because they are less active so I can have a lesson and see the bball at the same time haha.  Just kidding.  I just saw Jimmer hit a three and I was like… oh that’s him.
    I taught a sweet lesson by the spirit this week.  This girl called for an emergency lesson because she was going to get baptized but wanted to know why all this stuff in her past was so hard to get over.  She shared a really sad life story with us.  My compo started consoling her and something told me to pull out the Book of Mormon. When I reached in my bag I felt the bible but instead I pulled out the Book of Mormon. I looked and I couldn’t find anything that I felt was right to share so I put it away.   Then the second time I felt it again… so I pulled out the Bible.  The first thing I turned to was a scripture that talks about a story of a lady in her same situation.  I explained the scripture to her and told her to read it.  The scripture said, idk in English but something like…you will come to know the truth, and the truth shall set you free…When she read this she started to cry.  I explained that she can have a new life without the pains from the past.  She has a baptismal date set for this Saturday.
     Also, did any of the Cooper boys serve here in Mexico?  Because this guy told me I look like an Elder Cooper that was here a long, long time ago…just wondering.
     I got your package mom thanks a ton!!  I’ll try the potatoes but I actually have so much food here I can’t handle any more.  I could use the cookies again and the cool aid is great!!!!  Thanks for everything I really enjoy the American things haha!!!  I llloooved the inspirational things you sent me.  The quotes from the prophets like the one that has been in my room forever!!!!!  Thanks I love them!!!
     Today we went to the beach to play and it was such a nice day!!  I was building this sand castle though and I reached my hand back and I got stung by a jelly fish!!!!!  It wasn’t that bad and I’m already better but it kind of hurt.  It’s such a great adventure I am on, mom,  I love you so much and take care.
Love forever you son,
Elder Johnston

Ps) tell Pete  and Rachel that I received their letters and I am going to write them back within this next month.  


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