Tuesday, March 29, 2011

February 21, 2011

February 21, 2011

Dear family,

     I hope that you liked the stories I sent last week.  I was typing my fingernails off en serio!  I don’t have much to say this week.  I had a baptism of the woman I told dad about.  I gave a talk and baptized her as well.
    Also I am teaching the gringos who I spoke English with and the lesson was really, really hard.  I think I found the only English Book of Mormon in Mexico for them, don’t ask me how!!   They have a really hard southern accent!  It reminds me of Jason and his mom.  It’s funny, they have a little kid that reminds me of Jason as well!!
     Today we had an activity out of the zone.  We played American football…still got it by the way!! haha   I have been playing a little piano too.
     Today I got a little sunburned and I also, cut my own hair.
Well next week I will have more stories to tell.  I want to give everyone a story so that you will read them at family home evening.  That way I know that you are doing it.
     About your calling mom, one thing I have learned is the power of the atonement is real.  It works miracles all around us and we can’t truly comprehend how it works and how much we benefit from it.  How do you think those prophets like Gordon B. Hinkley travel the world for all those years?  They can do it, just like you can do it…but there are stages.  D.C. 4  “Serve the Lord with all your heart, might , mind and strength“… when you truly do this is when the Lord helps us through the power of the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior.  He didn’t just suffer for our sins.  Like I said we can’t comprehend the blessings we receive through this events in the world.  It is only when we actually do these things, when we serve him with everything we have… that is when we can go more.  That is when we receive the blessings.
     If I can you can handle it mom.  Just put your trust in the Lord and do what he asks of you; nothing less nothing more.  Just work as hard as you can to complete what he asks.  I know you can handle it and I know you will enjoy it at the same time.  Just like everything else, just like every other calling you have received.
     I love you tons and I can’t wait to talk to you again.
Love you forever and ever
Love your Son
Elder Johnston

Ps.  Also, in my next package I could use the iron that Loni gave me, my shoe shine kit, and Jesus the Christ in English.  Muchas Gracias

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