Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Dear Mom,
     I heard about the tsunami!  I can’t believe that is so crazy!  You know that we just had an earthquake here last week haha pretty crazy I know!!!
     My main meals are chicken, rice, beans, fruit and pork, and no we don’t have siestas.. We work alllll day!!!!
    My new companion is great.  Elder Elray is from Arizona and I think we will get along just fine.  He is way funny like a Ricky Hacking!!!  He makes me laugh all the time!
     This week we had stake conference in Spanish.  It was crazy because we had a live, real time satellite  broadcast with Prophet Monson!!!  It was really good but I wish I could have heard it in English.  It was really cool though and I still understood it all.  It just had a different feeling in Spanish.  We have 14 wards in our stake so we had stake conference in the convention center which is basically like the general conference center.  It was really, really cool!!!!!
     This week’s story:  We had a lesson in the church on Thursday with one investigator.  We were the only ones in the church and had left the gate open.  We started the lesson  and as we were talking I saw a kid peek his head in.  I walked over and talked to him since I was in charge of the building.  He asked  if he and his football team could play  soccer in the church…. I thought about it and I said, “well, if we can talk to you and your friends first before you play then I will let you.”  So he went over and talked with his team and they all said yes, so I took all of them in the chapel.  When my comp saw 11 more investigators he had never seen before he about freaked out I think haha.  We got out a bunch of chairs and sat in the sacrament room for the lesson.  We started the lesson teaching these 12 new investigators we had.  It was really different but I was really teaching with the authority of God it seemed.   It was really powerful for those who listened.  We gave the first lesson and at the end I handed out a blue card to all of them.  We use the cards to write down the directions to the investigators houses.   I gave all of them one.  We were sitting in a circle and I walked over and grabbed a small table and put it in the middle for everyone to use.  I told them before we end with a prayer here is a pen and I put my pen on the table.   I told them if they wanted to know how they can return to live with God one day and receive their salvation they would fill out the card they had in their hand.
Then we closed with a prayer.
    The truth is that I was not expecting anyone to leave an address but one by one as they got up to leave 5 or 6 of them actually filled out their card.  I don’t know what the point of this lesson was but God works in mysterious ways.  I know that he was talking through me and that those kids needed to hear those words.  It was a great experience for me.  None of the kids live in our area but we passed the references on.
     It has been a really good week and I am glad to have my new companion.  I am happy to have a little change.
     I love you mom and take care.  We are working our tails off and good job with the exercise!!! Keep it up!!

Love Elder Johnston

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