Wednesday, September 7, 2011

August 22, 2011

Dear Mom.
  I love getting letters from you haha.  That one was really good and I love the big ones so I have cool stuff to read about.  It’s so crazy that Tommy, Hadley, and Cameron are already getting ready to go on their missions.  I feel like they should all still be in high school haha, and doing the same old stuff but everything about them is about to change.  They have no idea what the gospel of Jesus Christ really is yet, and when they finally get a little hint of what it is their whole world will start to change around them.  It truly is amazing how the Lord works.  First we have to do our part to get to know him.
     Well, I am still known for my dancing!!  Well, not known but they all laugh when I dance just for a  few seconds.   They all say “oh Honson”!! haha  It’s way funny, but I can’t wait to come back and dance with my mom!!  I have been thinking lately of when we would dance when you were making dinner, getting ready for a party, or on Sunday’s or Christmas!!  I love it and miss it so much!!
     That’s cool you had that cake.  That’s what they call Tres Leches here,  or three milks.  It’s pretty good and real common here.  I’m glad you liked it.
     I taught a class the other day, gospel principles, on service and used Cody as an example.  I talked on how he has been such an example to me through service to others and shared some experiences.  I told them the blessings he has received through his service and I am sure he doesn’t even recognize the blessings he has received.
     This week I threw someone out of the church.  He started yelling at a kid in the church and I stopped him and then he yelled at me…You know my patience level and so I threw him out the door into the street.  It was a good experience.
     That’s crazy about the yard!!  You tell me all this cool stuff and I can’t even imagine it so I have to see it for myself, I need pictures!!!
     We had changes today and I will be getting a new companion from Idaho I think, or maybe he is from Oregon who knows?  He is a good kid though and has little time in the mission.  My comp is going to Nachital, past Coatzacoalcos,
     I love you tons and I pray for you every night.  Stay safe and work hard like always, just don’t hurt yourself, okay!!
Love your son forever
Elder Johnston

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