Friday, September 9, 2011

August 29, 2011

That’s so cool that you are about to plant grass!!  That’s way way crazy!!  I can’t even imagine what it looks like now to tell you the truth.  Well, what I want to build when I get back is a little house with palm tree leaves!!  It would be so cool to have a little one out in back and they are way easy to make.  I am learning how.  I can’t even think for a second what it could look like out back and our yard.  Like I said no one ever sends me any pictures of anything so I wouldn’t know, haha!! So is Jason’s finger all the way better?  It sounds like it is if he has been playing golf this whole time.  It doesn’t sound all that bad, haha  But then again like I said I wouldn’t know because no one sends me any pictures of anything.
     I haven’t seen a monkey yet.  I’m on the search though.  I think I live with one though. Haha  We live with this kid named Elder Warren and Elder Williams.  They are really cool kids and I’m sure they will be good friends for a while.  They are both from Utah. I compare Elder Warren to Chicken Joe from Surf’s Up and Elder Williams to Batman, haha!!  They always talk about hanging out when we get back and want to make plans to do stuff.   It’s good to have some good friends you know.  I feel like my whole life I haven’t really had a good friend and now I’m making lots of good friends.  They are good kids.
    My comp is Elder Zamora.  He is about six feet tall and 250 pounds.  He played football for a team called the Capitals in Idaho.  Come to find out we played against each other when I went to the Gold Beach football camp in Oregon.  As well, when the kid broke Aarik Wilson’s record at Reed High School he was there and saw me jump.  He is a good kid and has about 8 months in the mission or a little less.  He is part Mexican and I’m his second comp in the mission.
     This week was amazing.  I gave a talk in church this week and it was really hard just to talk because I was so tired.  I have to tell you the story first…We found a kid from Taiwan and he only speaks Chinese and a little English.  Just barely enough to communicate.  The thing is, he already has a Book of Mormon in his language because he listened to the missionaries over there in his house.  One of his old missionaries is named Elder Van Drew who lives in Mesquite Nevada!!!!  How crazy is that???  He is a foreign exchange student from Taiwan and we have to communicate the gospel through reading the Book of Mormon that he has!!  It’s such an amazing experience…the gift of tongues is real.  As well, mom, it’s amazing how the Lord works.
So in church ,before I gave my talk, which I was last to go, I had to translate for him in English the whole sacrament meeting…  It was so stinking hard!!!!!  I thought my tongue was going to fall out of my mouth by the time I was done!!!!   He is thinking bout being baptized!!! We will see what happens.
     Your fireside sounds like a way cool activity.  I wish I could be part of it.  We had a cool one as well called via Hawaii!!  Or trip to Hawaii  and it talked about the plan of salvation and we walked from room to room explaining the different parts of the plan.  I was an angel who led the people through the plan and explained it as we went.  We had about 200 people go.
     But I have to say that’s a really high goal you put!!  100 investigators!!!  That’s a ton!! haha  Well, I will pray for your success mom.
     I love you to the moon and I will never stop praying for you!!
Stay Safe
Love your son
Elder Johnston

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