Tuesday, December 27, 2011

September 5, 2011

I had an interview with my president this week and it went really, really good.  He was really happy with me and was kind of shocked when he looked at my numbers.  He said that I had experienced a lot of success in the mission and repeated it like three times.  He asked me how the family is and I said who knows! haha  I told him that I hear a lot from you and dad but I am preoccupied with my siblings.  He made me a few specific promises from the Lord and I am going to do all possible to complete this promise.  He also told me that I will receive lots of packages and candy haha from my family.  It was really good and to tell you the truth and the first time I felt love from my president and felt good after my interview, like it actually did something for me to help me as a missionary.  I am baptizing every single week mom it’s amazing you have no idea!!!  I am receiving letters from my converts saying that now their mom and cousins and aunts are all getting baptized!!! I’m already seeing the fruit of the work I’m doing with the Lord on my side down here.  I love it!
     The movie nights are great.  We watched the best two years this week and next week for sure is the Ultimate Gift!!!  This week my companion and I are calling a presidency for the movie theater so they can keep doing it without us, then we will start it in another ward maybe.
     What I could use is maybe some food in my package and gold bond the big bottles.  I would love to buy some stuff!!  There are so many cool things here like belts and wallets made out of alligator skin and hammocks made by hand you can’t buy anywhere else and tons of stuff….  If you want something just let me know and send me the money.  I will look when it gets closer to Christmas okay.
Love Elder Johnston

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