Friday, December 30, 2011

November 14, 2011

Wow!  That’s  lot of stuff going on.  It sounds like life is cruising right on by, just like my mission.  I’ll be done in no time at all with all that keeping you occupied.  Just wait mom, the sheet is about to hit the fan and you don’t even know how busy you are going to get.  I know for sure you will be really occupied and the Lord is going to bless you with opportunities to work for him more than you think…maybe not inside the church but with your own family.  I promise.  I love you so so so much.  I am just sorry I don’t have a lot of time right now.  I love you, just know that and everyone here is just sick about how much I talk about my stud my mom and how she can still beat me in an arm wrestle. If we had the form of a spirit or testimony you would be ten times bigger than anyone I know!!!  I love you and I know lots of things are coming to pass in the small city of Fallon especially with our family.  Everything that happens I think is for a reason even though sometimes it might not seem fair.  It doesn’t matter in the end because it is all worth it.  The Lord has it under control.
     Well, all is good.  We had changes again but nothing happened with me.  We are baptizing like crazy and after all the hard work my comp and I have gone through, the Lord is finally starting to bless us.  We basically opened a new area this last change because no one was working there and within two weeks we have started to baptize every week….Those two weeks were the hardest two weeks of my life let me tell you.  We worked our tails off, I’m not kidding.  Now it’s like we are getting tossed blessings of baptisms all over the place, it’s amazing.
     I love you tons and I have to go.  I can’t wait to talk to you, it’s only like one month and I’ll be talking to you.  Send me lots of pictures and say some stuff for me at the wedding. Tell them I love them and express the testimony that I have.  I know the church is true and that the Lord has a plan for everyone because He loves His children no matter who they are.  He lives and our Savior suffered for us, we will never know what He suffered for us.  Always stay strong in the Lord…I love all in my family and have forgiven to be forgiven.
Elder Johnston

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