Friday, December 30, 2011

November 21, 2011

Dear Family,
I have been thinking  a lot about you and home and all the stuff that is going on there.  I can’t imagine the atmosphere.  It must be an amazing sight to see Loni so happy and everyone so happy.  I never would have thought that I would be in the middle of Mexico in a small town with monkeys running in the street, teaching in the name of Jesus Christ when my sister Loni gets married and Lacey has a baby!  My joy is full…as they say in the scriptures, to know that my family can truly notice the blessings that the Lord has given us!!
   I have been working really hard here.  I don’t know where to start. We walk lots here, shake a lot of peoples hands and teach the same message over and over and over…but that’s the most important thing that someone could do in the whole world.  I’m so grateful that I have this wonderful opportunity. Even though I miss you guys so much, I would give anything to be with you in these moments of life, I have faith the Lord will bless me for the work I am doing and I know what I am doing is the most important work of all.
     The truth is I don’t feel like I have a lot to tell you guys.  I feel like everything now is normal even though the same crazy stuff is going on.  I wash on top of a roof with buckets of water and walking down the street if I feel hungry I can pick a banana to eat it and I feel like it is normal.  I feel like it is my life now and I’m happy with it.  I have fun and truly enjoy what I am doing, the Lords work.
     We got a new comp in our house named Elder Williams, he is a tall gangly guy from Utah and plays bball…
     We are getting ready for Christmas here.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a Christmas tree because there is no way in heck that I’m not celebrating Christmas and to tell you the truth, Christmas in the mission is straight up depressing. However, I did start reading Jesus the Christ in November with the goal of finishing by Christmas and I’m already half way done.  I’m learning more and more stuff and I love this opportunity to learn so much.  I  have learned one thing I am very grateful for is the gift of learning.
     If you want you could send me some peanut butter and I could use some new garments that would be way nice.
     Another funny thing is that everyone is sick because I am sick as well!!!!  I can’t believe it!!!  I think it just runs in the blood this time of year to be sick.  I have a cold as well!!!
     Mom I need pictures from home.  There are so many things happening and I want to see pictures from everything.  I am getting ready to mail your Christmas package today so be looking for it.  You will love what I got you I hope you do because it cost a lot for a poor missionary.
Love Elder Johnston


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