Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 12, 2011

     I’m glad you liked my letter last week.  I hope you did.  I had a lot of time so I figured I would write something good in there.  The thing is this week hasn’t been the best week ever.  But I’m still fine and doing well.  I’m working hard for my Lord and Savior and my God.  I love you so much mom and I really miss you.  This Christmas will not be the same without you guys.  I have been reading Jesus the Christ and I have a goal to finish it by Christmas.  I started liked the 20th of November, it’s an amazing book and I am learning so much.  I have learned so much from reading.
     Cool thing is that for our Christmas party for our branch I will be the Santa Clause and my elf is Elder Williams who is about 6’5”haha How funny huh???  It will be a great experience though and I love the little kids here.  We have some down syndrome kids here that are just amazing and I love them to death.
     This week I blessed the sacrament as well, and I thought of home and how I used to do it.  Well, there is nothing much to say this week.  I love you and I’m glad you and dad wrote me this week.  Thank you so much for your time to write me and show your love for me.  I love you so much , as well, and I pray for you every night.  I am so appreciative of you.
     I will talk to you later.  I hope you like the pictures and I pray you remember your son this Christmas.  I’m still out here don’t forget  about me!1 haha
I love you so much
Love Elder Johnston

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