Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 19, 2011

Dear Mom,
   I can’t believe that the time has gone so fast.  I can’t believe that, to hear that Cam and Billy both came home from college that is a weird feeling.  I about pooped my pants!!!  I have been talking about college with my comps and they are very smart and have been coaching  me on what I should do when I get back. haha  We will see how everything works out but I am way excited to buckle down and get going on school and start a family of my own.  Yah!  Shocker huh!!  I love to read, as well, haha, crazy huh? I feel like the Lord has truly changed me to the person I need to be and is still helping me to become more and more like him.  I love this experience that I have had and will be keep having to help the people here.
     Well, last night I created a new amazing game that you all have to try.  Well, Jason and Terrin at least.  I don’t know if anyone else could do it.  It’s soooooo funny and fun, you have no idea.  Remember how I made the pillow pull game???  Well, we made a new game called the Howlin Huskie haha.  You have to pick the person up on your shoulder and they have to crawl through your legs and up the other side without touching the ground!!!!!!  It is so funny and hard but possible!!!! We put on some missionary pump up music, like a Christian rock song… Haha and played for like an hour last night.  It’s so funny and hard it will be great for them to try for Christmas if you have time.
    Well, we had another baptism this week which was a great experience …she needed the help of the Holy Ghost and the waters of baptism.  I confirmed her and I tried to forget myself and let the spirit talk through me and I felt like it did.
    Oh, the coolest thing for the week was that I dressed up like Santa Clause and Elder Williams dressed up as my elf!!!  We have great pictures and believe it or not I felt way good having every little kid come up and tell me what they wanted for Christmas.  It was so, so cool and I felt really good.   Elder Williams and I put on kind of a little show.  He pulled the chair out from under me and I called a member of the Bishopric to come and sit on my knee.  He asked for a Ferrari and I coughed in the microphone.   We did tons of funny stuff.  I told my elf he was on the naughty list  and he cried. Then he sat on my lap and then I carried him off and we ran inside.  I had so much fun.  I did the belly laugh and jiggled my belly, I had a cool outfit and everyone loved it!!!  I lived it up, it was a great and fun experience.
     Well, I don’t know what else to say I will be talking to you guys in a week!!!, So I will see you there real soon. I love you so much and stay safe.
Elder Johnston

Dear Dad,
     GOOD NEWS I got my debit card and it works fine. I cut up the expired one and put it in the trash so its all good and taken care of, thanks a billion…I have some letters coming here too I understand and a package here in Palenque and all we have to do is go pick them up from the guy who brought them from Villahermosa. I can’t wait. I love you so much dad and I am happy you got everything ready to Skype. I will almost be talking to you all personally face to face. How crazy is that? We are all going to call on Sunday the 25th at 4 PM my time here in Palenque just to let you know so you are all ready. I love you guys tonz. I can hardly wait to talk to you all. I have to go for now but know that I will always be praying for all of you.
Elder Johnston


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