Tuesday, December 27, 2011

September 26, 2011

Mom, first off I love you! Second I need you to send me Christmas music. I don’t care what type all the songs you  listen to when it’s Christmas, the ones you listen to when you are cooking.  Third,  I could use some more of dads old ties to give away.  As well, I am a year in and about to throw away a lot of my holey socks, shirts, pants, and shoes.  All I ask is maybe some new white shirts like 5 or 6 but I want them silky not like the kind we bought because they stink! haha
     I received a letter from Loni which she sent a month ago.  I don’t know when you mailed the package but I haven’t received it yet.
     Well, this week was amazing mom you have no idea.  Just to give you a small example.  We baptized a kid this week from Taiwan that only speaks Mandarin  and a little English.  He is a foreign exchange student and we had to communicate through the Book of Mormon, everything, so he could understand it!!!!  I’m writing his story and through the mission we are sending it to the Liahona!!!!  It’s amazing!!  Another kid we baptized this week named Victor is amazingly smart and a true baptism.  I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven that I could have the opportunity to baptize both of them.  The services were the best I have ever prepared with musical numbers, parts in English and Spanish…as of yet it is the first baptism I did in English!!!! Amazing!!!    I did the programs and everything.  My district all say they want me to decorate for their weddings because it looked so good.  I told them I think I got that from you mom.
     Well, I don’t have a lot of time this week but I will write more next week.  I love you so much and I have been waiting 11 months now to get something from Cody…  I pray for him every night.
Love Elder Johnston
p.s. name for the fire pit  El Hermanito

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