Wednesday, December 28, 2011

October 31, 2011
Dear Mom,
     Okay, I am writing you last so I will write until I have no more time to write.  I will write as much as I can…  Well, first off I want to tell you I
Loved your letter but I have one question…WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO OUR FAMILY!!!  Haha It’s crazy … Loni is getting married.. Terrin and Jason are golfing every week like a new vacation, dad is spending money and stuff, Cody actually wrote me, Courtney sent me an e-mail..  I just don’t know if everything is okay or not , it’s freaking me out!!!!!!
     This week for me has been hard.  We have baptisms every week lined up but we are missing one and for them to get baptized they have to go to church 2 times so we had to have someone go to church this week to get baptized the
twelfth of November.  The thing is we fasted and contacted our butts off and didn’t find anyone.  I felt like I was fighting the world and telling them all they are living in apostasy and they all need to repent.  I have told so many Catholics and Adventists, and Jehovah Witness off this week I lost track by Wednesday how many.  My comp thinks I was like on a rampage of calling the world to repentance.  So it was way hard to find people but what happened finally is Sunday after fasting and everything many times, one of the richest ladies in Palenque came to church and we are teaching her! Haha.  Typical Desperate Housewife lady. haha  Her name is Castor and she is an old rich lady who doesn’t know what to do with her money.  She came to church, then another young lady named Fanny who now has a date for the twelfth of November cane and another kid came as well.  The funny thing is all the fights we got in with people…I got to the point of saying…your in apostasy because you worship money and you don’t know anything about the Bible or religion so repent and go to our church not the store on the corner… I was getting pretty heated this week, haha you have no idea!
     Then I gave a talk this week as well…it was call ed El Camino or the way.  I talked about how Jesus is the way and it’s a law higher than what people think.  I told the whole ward that they need to start being better.  Our ward is so sic k though…the best I have had in all of my mission.  I shared the scripture in John 14 about Jesus and Isaiha 55 about the way.  It was really good and everyone loved it.
     We had a baptism this week and like I said the ward is great…usually I have to clean the font, make the programs, get the white clothes and do EVERYTHING…but this time I wanted to cry, it was so amazing because the ward did everything!!!!  It was great!  The best I think I have ever been to, to be honest.  I think about 60 people went to this baptism.  I will send you a picture.  Our convert is named Abdias and he was the last of his family to accept the gospel.  So now they can go to the temple in one year from now!!!! How cool!!!!  They are great and to get him to accept I straight up told him…3 Nephi 11 verse 20 something where it says those who believe and are baptized will be saved and those who aren’t will be condemned …I was like.. Do you want to be condemned?? Okay get baptized and he did!! haha it was so cool!!
My house is good.  It’s three rooms and big, but four are living in it.  My comp is great!  The water is still colder than crap.  Showering in the mornings ummm….  My bed is like sleeping on the dining room table it’s so dang hard and I have this one spring that is like sticking out of it and I have to sleep in a c shape to not let it hit me in the middle of my back.
     It’s so beautiful here I feel like I am in a dream and it’s fake.  I can’t take in how real everything is!!!!  I love it to death here and I can’t wait for you all to come and stay here.  There are tons of tourists here and people from England and stuff….   I don’t know how Jason was a missionary for those hippy people…anyway it’s way cool, I love it.
     Well, I honestly don’t know what else to say.  Our president put us down here and basically said look you four guys are going to just do work in this ward for a while until the attendance doubles!!!!  We are working so hard…just to let you know in the Boise Mission they have like 15 lessons a week and that’s a great week with 1 new investigator and 1 in church…We had like 37 lessons this week with like 13 new investigators and 6 in church…we are doing so much work here!!!!  I love it.  I love the Lord, like my new favorite scripture I memorized in 2 Nephi 22 He aqui dois es mi salvacion, confiare y no temanre, porque el senor es mi fortaleca y mi cancion, y tambien ha llegado a ser salvation para mi and it’s funny because in verse 1 it says, te alabare oh senor, aun que estabas enojado conmigo tu ira has apart ado, y me has consolado… it’s cool
     I don’t know what to tell you about the scripture.  You pick a good one I trust you.  I love you tons and I pray for you everyday!!
Elder Johnston

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