Tuesday, December 27, 2011

October 17, 2011

Wow!!  What a hard fast week!!   I love hard work…  I just feel so much better about myself after…and I love to study and read!!!  How crazy huh???  The blessings of the Lord…the sad part is I only love to read the Book of Mormon and things in Spanish haha
     My comp is Elder Powell, I haven’t showered in hot water for over a year, it’s Mexico mom…did you forget or something???  It’s all the same her, nothing changes.  We live in a bigger house now but just to give you an idea… it’s been raining so much rain is seeping through the roof and is dripping in my bed.  I woke up and thought I had peed the bed and then a big water drop hit me right in the chest!!!!  It’s fine though.  It’s way safer here I think… Well, it’s Mexico but it’s safer.  I bought a machete today though and I’m going to buy a maca in a few days.  Send me money though because I want to buy you cool stuff and I am poor.  I will only be here once in my life.
     I’m basically opening a new area here with no investigators or anything so it’s like looking for new people and knocking doors but we are having a little success now I think!!  We went with this kid of 18 years old and gave him a blessing because he has cancer… I said the blessing because my comp doesn’t know the language very good yet.  As I put my hands over his cancer bald head I was literally filled with the spirit!  I said some profound things that just came to my mind.  It was cool.  Then after we went to another house with an investigator of 22 years old and his whole family is already baptized.  We had decided before hand that we would be really direct with him.  We were.  I told him if he didn’t get baptized he couldn’t be saved.  He started to cry and said my problem is my uncle died and I don’t know.. Why him???  I shared the story about Uncle Cam and I almost cried,  I felt a strong spirit.  We then told him to say a prayer in that very moment to see if God would respond to him, he did and asked if he could see his uncle again and he received an answer…He will be baptized the 29th!!!
     I haven’t received your package yet but I have run out of space on my memory card and I can’t take pictures now.  I got a letter from Loni, Hadley, and Rachel sent me one too.  I received one from Tommy a while back but I think I already told you that.  Tell all of them it’s hard to write from where I am because I’m so far away.  It is now going to cost me a lot to send mail.  Like $50 to send a package and that’s a butt load of cash where I live.  Tell them thanks and I love them they are great friends. I have to go but remember when I said…”When I go to the pyramids I am going to take my picture in that very spot!”  …Well, I took one in that same spot today…AND… saw lots of monkeys!!!J   Tell Jason I think that he has a picture like this at a temple on his mission.  Now I have one from the other side of the world…It’s the one on my knees yelling toward the heavens haha. One is a monkey as well.

Love Elder Johnston

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