Tuesday, December 27, 2011

October 10, 2011

Dear Mom,
    Just to let you know a lot of details because I don’t have a lot of time…my new comp is from Arizona named Elder Powell.  His great grandfather is who Lake Powell is named after.  He is a great kid and says he is an athlete.. We will find out about that!!!  I’m basically opening a new area and the other elders took all of the investigators so it’s hard.   I am in a branch but we have a church building and it’s the nicest I have been in I think.  The Branch is really big, it’s like 100 people and the President wants us to make it into a ward and stake.  Soooooo let’s go establish the Lords Kingdom!!!
      I wrote lacey about an experience this week I had if you want to ask her for it.
     This place is so amazing.  I’m in a small town in the mountains with Mayan ancient stuff everywhere!!  It’s sweet.  If you want the nicest macas or hammocks in the world send me money.  It’s like $100 for the best ones but I have to ship them also.  They will be good forever and are amazing, they are made by hand! It would be perfect to go on the back porch!
     The food here is different.  Just to let you know for example, our first night here we went out to dinner and it was ten times better than La Fiesta and only $8.00.  I can’t wait to bring you here.  It’s so cool here!
     This week I am burning all of my socks and shirts that I have worn for a year…in other words send me more socks and white shirts.
     Well I love you tons I’m going to go for now but I will send a package.  It costs more to send because we are farther away.  Take lots of pictures when you celebrate my one year mark and send them to me!
Elder Johnston

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