Wednesday, March 28, 2012

January 23, 2012

Well do I have lots and lots and lots of great and bad news to tell you.  Where should I start.?

     I will start with the bad  speaking of the dentist  appointment I had in the morning.  I forgot to tell you  a couple of weeks ago I was in a lesson talking to this guy and all of a sudden…my tooth falls out… the fake one.  Can you believe that!!!  I wanted to cuss so bad and I wouldn’t be surprised if I did but you know how I am about it and I hate it!!!  MY FAKE TOOTH FELL OUT!!!  So what did I do… in Mexico…who knows where the dentist is???? umm…..I kind of played with it and got it to hang in there just kind of floating around.  I only eat with one side of my mouth because I am scared my tooth will fall out in front of all the members!!! Crap it stinks.  Then the worst is when I’m eating sandwiches now my tooth falls out when I eat bread…Luckily they don’t eat a lot of bread here, haha.  Lots of tortillas.  Another reason why they are a blessing.
      Second  -  I want to tell you why I sent my plaques home.  Well, I have two here and I sent my plaques home for when I have my own sons who are going on missions I can give one to each of them!!!    It was an idea that came to me.
Okay good news!!
     When I got  here to Palenque we had about 70 or 80 people coming to church….In the time I have been here I have seen the church grow so much and this week we had a record breaking 152 people in church.  Standing room only in the church, what an amazing feeling!!!!!  I can’t even explain it.  We opened the over flow in the beginning and now it is as full it can be.  It’s amazing.  As well, we had 7 investigators go to church this week.  I loved the feeling.  There wasn’t enough deacons for all the water we needed.  It was amazing!!!!

Okay now the great news!!!
     There is no one to play the piano in our branch so what we found this week is a pianist and his family who want to join the church and now he can be our pianist!!!!  WHAT’S UP!!!!!  It’s amazing.

Now the most amazing news!!! Like the Liahona never going to happen again in the history of our mission and my life - going to be a movie someday news….

I won’t go into much detail but you should know that this weekend your son will be baptizing not only with the mission president but with the area apostle!!  Elder Johnson is his name and it will be held in a place called Azul which is beautiful water falls that are really blue.  The water is amazing and is one of  the biggest tourist attraction in Mexico…AND… my companions and I will be baptizing over 30 people.  I won’t be surprised if it shows up in the Liahona…
     It’s still in progress but you can be sure that I will be baptizing this Saturday at about 11:00 with an apostle, mission president, and lots of other missionaries and it will be amazing.  Pray for us that all will go well and all who can get baptized will be able to go.  I thank you for so much for all you have done for me and I thank my Father in Heaven for this opportunity.
     My new favorite drink in the whole world which I personally think will be a drink in heaven is called Matali.  It’s a plant here and amazing.  It’s like a pink lemonade that’s not lemonade, it’s pink and purplish.

Well, I’m going to go but I love you so so much
Elder Johnston

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