Friday, July 29, 2011

May 16, 2011

Dear Family,

     Mom, you sound like you’re so busy!  What happened to taking it easy?  haha  It’s ok though because you will be  blessed for doing the Lords work and magnifying your calling.
     Well, this week has been horrible for my companion and I, well mostly for him! It wasn’t his week.  He started out  sick on Tuesday … 1st day of work and was sick until Friday…   Saturday we finally go out to work but first passed by for some beds for the other companions.  We are carrying the beds and my companion falls in a hole in the road.  One of those big drain holes that goes down to the sewage and the water drains down.   He almost broke his leg but all is good now.  So basically we have been in the house all week.
     Before I forget -  Happy Birthday to Grandpa, Ava and Dylan
     I forgot to tell you some stuff last week.  I talked with this lady named Horte.  She has had a really bad five months.  Like two of her cousins died, and her father and son got hit by a car.  She is a member but inactive.  It is truly amazing how we can be instruments in the hands of the Lord here in the mission.  I talked with her calmly about the situation and she was crying her eyes out.  I taught her about the plan of salvation.  It was truly one of my most spiritual moments in the mission.  The things I said and the experience     really was directed by the lord.
     We also got to travel to Villahermosa to hear an Apostle, Quinten L. Cook this week.
     Today was the zone activity and we played……SOCCER again haha but I am getting pretty good.  I hit one in the goal with my head and did the same thing to someone else, I passed to him and I hit another one in as well,  I am getting better finally.  It’s fun
I love you tons and I’ll talk to you later.
Love Elder Johnston
PS:  I am sending pictures of the zone activity and the guy I baptized the day I talked to you His name is Rodrigo.

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