Tuesday, April 3, 2012

February 20, 2012

Wow!  It sounds like you had a big weekend!   That’s cool to hear about Garrett and how he is.  I know that how he has changed is real.  Who ever goes on a mission with real intent to serve the Lord and no one else but Him, will change you no matter what the circumstances.  I’m happy to hear that he has had that great change in his life.  I figure that that’s what this life is…something that came to mind is that the only thing that is sure is change…  I feel like we are here on earth to change.  If we don’t learn to change then we are not completing our purpose here in this life.  God the Eternal Father sent us here to learn to gain earthly experiences and apply what we have learned.   Why do you think He gave us 7 dispensations??  7 days in a week and a whole millennium after it all the extra credit of our homework…it’s so that we can learn to change.  I have felt like when I return home I don’t want to stay the same person as I am now but keep changing daily becoming more and more like the Savior.
     I read today in the Doctrine and Covenants section 50...those who listen to the spirit will receive light and if they use it they will receive more and more light…and that’s how it should be….I am way pumped for your talk mom.  You should be really happy for the great opportunity.  And apart from that, the topic that you have is amazing.  I was actually thinking about that the other day.  When someone calls us asking how to get to our house we have to give them directions to arrive safely and in a timely manner.  You are never going to send them on a path that is longer than needed think about it…When they call you are going to say..”Take a left then two rights then when you see that blue house on the corner you are not going to stop but keep going one more block and you will see a dirt road…when you go down the dirt road you will see a wood house……..still not my house but it’s the one in front…..
     Okay that was a joke but you are going to tell them the fastest way home….It’s the same with the Lord,  He has given us the safest happiest way possible to go back with Him.  We have the scriptures , we have the prophets, we have teachers, we have a Savior, we have a family.  He has given us so much stuff and like a GPS system…prayer with a new uploaded system of the Holy Ghost!!haha  Really the gospel is amazing and I could really write about it all day long if I had the opportunity.  Actually, I kind of get mad when someone goes into sacrament meeting and everyone can be there and all of them hear the same words and same talks and the same santa cena… sacrament I think that is it in English… and the thing I don’t get is how some one can truly get it…and the other sitting right next to him doesn’t, like a Bishop.  Maybe the Bishop gets it and understands the message even brings tears to his eyes but his counselor is doing the fake asleep thing.  They are both there…I think that is the spirit…how one can understand because he has the spirit and is close to it.   It’s like we are right now.  How many radio waves are passing right through us right now in this very moment?  There are millions and millions…why can’t we hear them??  Well, first off we need something.. a device of some sort… like a walky talky, then we can tune into the station… something basic.  It’s the same to hear and understand the spirit we need a device…think about what that could be…now when you have that and you are diligent seeking the channel of radio you will find it and understand the message, understand the sacrament, and understand what it is that the Lord wants you to understand and hear and build your testimony and establish yourself on the rock of righteousness.  That’s what I am trying to do everyday of my mission and life.  I pray I will always be able to have this device ready to go in my hands when I need to so I can hear the spirit when the Lord needs me to do something for Him.  Now that device is what we all have to find.  What is the device you need to find, the spirit and pick up on His radio frequency.
     Well, this week was good. I don’t have much to say this week but I love you.  I pray for you and you are very special to me.  I thank you for my life you have given me and all the teachings I have and through my juvenile stages of life.
Elder Johnston

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