Tuesday, April 3, 2012

February 6, 2012

We had another great week this week.  We had changes as well.  The other Elders moved out of our house to another town not far away.  So the house is nice and quiet and good to study.    In the changes nothing happened to me I’m staying here.  It’s because I will be training a new missionary and I will be with him 12 weeks but then I am leaving Palanque…more than a year honestly.  I love it.  The great thing is they are putting an international airport here so I will be able to come when I want in about 3 years haha,  It’s great.
 Lately I have been studying 2 Nephi and I love the words of Isaiah.  They are amazing and I am learning so much about the doctrine.
     This week we finally baptize the guy that had killed 6 people, Miguel Angel and it was a very special baptism.  We are working hard.
      I feel like this is like my home now.  Don’t worry it is not to make you feel bad mom…haha  it is just that I love this place so much and I never want to leave.  I tell everyone it is my home and that I am looking for land to buy so to keep their eyes out for good place to build a home, haha.    I love it so much.  I have been part of such a big change here and the people love me like I am part of such a big family here.  I love them so much and I have my testimony, and I can’t even talk about the people here because I start to cry a little in my heart.  I’m always crying for them.
     Don’t worry about your calling mom the Lord still has lots of planned for you and I am so happy you are receiving spiritual revelation.  Joseph Smith said with out revelation we can’t enter into the Kingdom of God…crazy.
     I think you should look to start applying for my schools where I’m going to go, no???  I think if I am going to start…apply to BYU and Dixie and IDK where ever just see where I can get in…I’m kind of freaked about it that I won’t be able to get in in time so if you could just check it out.
    Well, I will leave dad with this scripture.  I felt it was for him, this week, in my heart when I read it…D&C 31:2
I love you all so much!!!
Elder Johnston

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