Thursday, April 5, 2012

March, 19, 2012 Well, I don’t have as lot of time today because I have some bad news…well, not bad but just a change, I am way sad. The mission is an experience that no one can understand. I’m leaving Palenque. I’m going to Minatitian Mexico. It’s very sad. Last night the members had a bon fire for me because they all knew I might be leaving. Then in the middle I got the phone call and I had to give the announcement that I was leaving. They asked me to say a few words. It was really sad because the last time I felt like that mom is when I left you for the last time. I got up and expressed my feelings. It was so hard and I don’t usually cry but in front of everybody I cried like a little baby. I love them. I really feel like they are my family, imagine that…haha I never thought that would ever happen in my whole life but God works in ways that we can’t understand. Don’t get me wrong mom, I miss you everyday, how could I forget my mother…your mine aha and always will be. Nothing can change that. I love you all but I now have a family here as well. Imagine how much I love you and you love me…that’s how it is here. Every person cried on my shoulder and I theirs…so hard I feel like my heart is ripped out of my chest. I know God sent me here for a purpose and this is it… I went to the temple Saturday…President gave me special permission to go with the ward….And the ward bought me new shoes. Imagine people who have literally nothing all pitched in to buy me new shoes because mine had holes in them in all places….How am I not suppose to love them and make them part of my life? I can’t wait to explain it all to you on Mother’s Day. It’s really hard right now because I have to go and get ready. I will explain more later. I love you so much and I will be coming home soon. Remember what family stands for Father and Mother I Love You Love Elder Johnston

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