Thursday, April 5, 2012

March 26, 2012 Dad I have lots and lots more work to do here in Mina… I almost never have any time now. I love you tons and thank you for all the great advice . You always help me in every situation and I am so thankful for you. You should keep following those missionaries blogs. You might be surprised who the companion is of the Elder Smith you were talking about. Maybe you can say it’s ironic. I am fine and I hope you are as well. Be safe and stay worthy to enter into the presence of the Lord. Mom I am serving here in Mina now and have tons and tons of pressure on me because I have to do the same thing over again that I did in Palenque. I have been called to do a work that is so much bigger than myself here in Mina. It is hard because my heart is in Palenque. I left everything there. I will slowly build my relationship with the members and start to fill the church and open the over flow section like I have done in the past. I will complete what the Lord has called me to do. The feelings of it, the work, and having to forget about the people I love in Palenque hurts my heart so much. I am fine so don‘t worry…Prayer has always helped me in my hardest times and I have resorted to the Lord to help me. I feel like where I am is a good place I just have to get use to it. It will take a few weeks. The people…are in love with the old missionaries and it will be hard to win their confidence trust, and hearts. It’s like the story of my life, that I will have to prove myself again and rise to the top and prove that I am a representative of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. I have a great comp who is teaching me so much and I feel so so humbled. It’s such a humbling experience and I have learned so much. Well, this week was good. It was frustrating because there are lots of problems here in the ward. We are finding them out and now it is time to go to work. As well, I officially completed one of my goals…I completed the worldly goal I had coming into the mission…I will send you a picture. It was amazing and I think you will understand what happened. I had to talk my way into it so so much, you know how persuasive I am haha. I also talked with the professional baseball team’s coach that is here in Mina to see if some of the missionaries and I could come and play on the baseball field. It will be way cool. My comp and I are going to be motivational speakers to the baseball players. We are going to teach them about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. They in turn are going to let us play on the field. It will be a lot of fun but we will see what happens. I’ll let you know, but…. how many people teach a professional baseball team on their mission?!!!!! As well, they want us to pump them up to win…it will be great!!! Well, my companion is…..Elder Bradley Smith, the same one that dad has been following his blog and the one dad wrote a letter to. Pretty crazy huh??? But he is my comp and is great… I love him and I can tell we are going to be good friends. Well, I love you tons and stay safe! Elder Johnston

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