Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 1, 2011

1) I need memory cards for my camera.
2) I got your package and it was amazing…the best package I have received in my whole life you have no idea!!!!  I loved loved loved it!!!  I love my pictures!!  I hope you have more copies to save .  The pictures of the temple and my baptism are so very special to me you will never know!!  Someday when I come home maybe!!
3) the direction (address) of the mission changed I’m pretty sure it is…

CP 86190

I’m pretty sure that is it.
As well, I need you to send me more of these labels when you send my next package.  They are little stickers and I have already used all I have.  I pray you can find more of the same exact size and colors….   If not I am not going to use them.  I will send you pictures with all the information.
     Well this week was good as well.  We have a convert that will baptize his sister this week…that will be really special for me.
      As well, this week my comp and I started a movie theater night just like we use to in our house!  It is Sunday’s at 7 and everyone comes!!  We almost have more people coming to that than to our sacrament meeting  haha  But it is great and I am directing it.  We are watching spiritual uplifting movies from the church but we change the name around to make it sound cooler… Like Transformer Three the Restoration or Harry Potter the Testaments.  It’s really cool!!  We bring popcorn and drinks just like the movie. Now we found a projector that we can use because it is getting so big and we are going to make it even bigger!!!
     Well this week was good again and I will be in heaven if you finish the yard by the time I get home.  Like I said it’s not much longer till I’m home…trust me it will fly by!!
I love you tons
Love your son Elder Johnston

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