Sunday, August 7, 2011

June 20, 2011

     Well, this week was pretty good, except I have a cold now… imagine that!!  I have a cold in this 100 degree heat!!! But it’s just a cold, I’m good.  We are teaching this kid right now who works for the Z. He already went to church once and wants to get baptized.  It sounds like the setas in English and it’s like the big mafia in Mexico.  He is one of the main drug dealers here in Acayucan I guess, and we are teaching him.  I think we will baptize him if he can stop doing drugs!!!!
     The work is amazing here and I wish I could share all of my stories with you but the truth is it is really, really hard.  I don’t ever have time because we are working so hard.  We are baptizing every weekend down here and the spirit of the Lord is truly with us.
     I love you mom for everything you do for me and stay healthy and safe.
Take these moments in and feel the spirit that is there at camp with you.  You are doing the Lords work.  I’m really going to miss my mom on my birthday.
    Tell President Weed  that I sent a note with a guy from here that will be a president of a mission as well and I hope he gets it.  If not he will know I tried.  I wrote it on the spot like really fast with a page from my agenda.
     Tambein…also, tell everyone that there are lots of cool stuff here too buy that I want to get for them but I don’t have any money.
Elder Johnston

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