Thursday, August 18, 2011

July 25, 2011

Dear Family,
     Just to start off that is the second time that you all have said I am sure Terrin told you all about it or I’m sure mom told you’ll about it or Loni told you all about it…and then NO ONE TELLS ME!!! No even writes me anymore.
     That’s way cool about your trip to Idaho.  I hope you all had a great time.  What did Uncle Gary have to say?  I hope all is well with everyone and I’m way happy you had a good time.
    That’s way cool that you are getting the yard ready.  I want pictures of it all!!!  No one has sent me pictures of our field, our arena, our house want pictures of everything!!!  Send me photos!! and memory cards.  This is going to be the new rule I think.  For every picture I get you get a picture.
     Well, the yard sounds like it’s coming along good.  I can’t wait to bring home a big old hammock to put under our new porch we have….  But idk you don’t have a lot of time before I come home to have grass and everything ready.  Think about it the time is almost half way over!!!    I’m coming home soon.. Best be ready!!

  Anyway, this week was okay.  It was really hard at times but at other times really good.  It was a week filled with spiritual revelation.  I guess I will share a story so you can give it to President Pursel like I promised him.

Love you more than anything and I pray for you as well!!

Love your son
Elder Johnston

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