Thursday, August 18, 2011

July, 3, 2011

Dear family,
     Well all is good here.  We had our zone activity today and we actually went to a nice football field and played.  It was sweet and I am getting way better at playing soccer haha.  Well this week was rough and amazingly good at the same time.  When I was in sacrament meeting I felt this burning sensation in my heart of the truthfulness of the gospel and how amazing it is to be a part of this work.  I do feel bad for poor Jacob but things will get better for him.  He is in the Lords hands.  The Lord sent him there for a reason.  Maybe it’s not to preach the gospel but to obtain a testimony for himself first.  Who knows?  But the Lord is working just as hard as everyone of us.
     Tell Loni and Lacey Happy Birthday.. I remembered but I can’t write everyone the day of their birthday.
     Please mother, I want a picture of my baptism.  I will ask every week for a picture of my baptism until I get one so please, as fast as you can send me a picture of my baptism Please Please Please!!!  As well, a list of my priesthood.  My line of authority.  Please… these things are make or break for me right now.
     Well, I don’t have hot water here.  We have a spigot and the stream stinks.  The toilet is broken so I am going to try and fix it tonight,
       We lived with an ex-bishop but his familia moved to Mexico City to get away from here because of some stuff that happens here.  It is pretty common so they are leaving.  We live solo now and the food is the same as what we had before but way worse. I still eat but it is gross.  I feel like the Lord, my comp and I are working together and changing the members and the ward.  Just since I have gotten here we have increased the ward from 51 to 69 people and I pray it will keep growing.  It is hard at times but the Lord is on my side.
     As well, you will never guess!!!!  But we got a car!!! Sweet huh??  It makes me feel like I’m out in our old backyard again!!
     There are a lot of Catholics in Mexico…and idk I guess I am pretty much used to things and I have stories but they are just too long to tell you.  The other night a cat broke into our house and I thought it ate our dinner…. I about pooped my pants when I turned the light on .  I thought it was a bear or something crazy that was going to eat me!!!
     My comp is just like my first comp.  They are from the same place. We get a long better but at times he tries my patience.  We have two different wards that we work on here and we work half the city or more.  There are two gringos in this zone of missionaries.  
     I love you tons. Please send the pictures and line of authority.
I love you so much
Love your son
Elder Johnston

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