Sunday, August 7, 2011

June 6, 2011

Well, I’m short on time like always but this time even more.
    When I left my last area I left my book with everyone who signed it, on top of he taxi!!!!  It had all the comments of my converts and just about every member from two different wards.  I almost cried and  it was one of the saddest times in my mission.
     A girl there, named Karen, had given me a ton of cool stuff.  She is the one who gave me the hand crocheted blue tie in my package and she made me another one… that was white for baptisms as well as a hand made pin and shirt that said “I love Coatza”.  She is way cool and will always be a good friend.
     My new comp is Elder Robles and he loves to work hard.  That’s what I am happy about and we are both ready to work.  We are already having a bunch of success here in the new area.
     This Saturday we were going to baptize a kid and he is scared of water.  I was going to do it so we both got in the water and he went straight to the corner!!  Long story short I was in the water for two hours trying to convince him that the water wouldn’t bite him!!  My comp got in the water as well.    I think it is the closest I will come to swimming on my mission…
     This town is smaller and yes foresty.  There are lots of hills and I’m truly in hillbilly Mexico haha.  It’s actually really sweet here and I can’t wait to buy some stuff and send it to you guys.  Everything here is hand made and authentic!!  It’s way cool!!
     Well, I have to go for now but I will tell you more next week when I have a little more time to write you all.
I’m all good and safe!
Elder Johnston    

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